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Swoop Adds Nonstop Flights Toronto-Nashville Service

Swoop Adds Nonstop Flights Toronto-Nashville Service - Travelrnews

Swoop Adds Nonstop Flights Toronto-Nashville Service - Travelrnews

Swoop, a low-cost airline based in Canada, has launched service between Toronto Pearson International Airport and Nashville with the launch of its first trip. Swoop hopes to have two non-stop services to Nashville available by the beginning of the summer. The service, which began on Thursday, is the first of the two that will be offered. In addition, the airline will begin offering nonstop service from Edmonton beginning on June 19th.

Swoop’s Head of Commercial and Financial Operations remarked, “As Canada’s foremost ultra-low-fare airline, we are excited to continue our summer growth south of the border with our new route from Toronto to Nashville.”

“After two years of instability, today’s first flight is a key milestone in our rehabilitation,” he said. “[T]his is a critical step in our recovery.” There are no longer any limits on travel, and the number of people wanting to go across borders has reached an all-time high.

Both of these routes are a part of Swoop’s massive growth in the United States. This expansion, which also includes the service to Nashville, adds five new nonstop flights to five new destinations in the United States: New York City, Chicago, Nashville, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Swoop will be providing service to a total of 11 U.S. destinations this summer, including San Diego, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, St. Pete-Clearwater, Orlando, Sanford, and Phoenix, all of which will continue into the summer season. These five new destinations will join the already-established Swoop service to those cities. This service will be operated by Swoop out of its three primary hubs, which are located in Toronto, Hamilton, and Edmonton.

Additionally, the airline keeps expanding its operations in Canada and just introduced a new route between Edmonton and Halifax.

To celebrate the launch of their new route from Toronto to Nashville, Swoop is offering introductory rates beginning at $99 CAD.

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