Summer Traffic Tips For Dhaka

Imagine you’re sitting in a CNG as you’re held up in the Farmgate gridlock. You check your phone and see that the temperature outside is a sweltering 39 degrees, but it seems like it’s closer to 46 degrees. You’re perspiring like crazy, and the lenses of your glasses keep becoming fogged up. You are suddenly overcome with the sensation that you are experiencing a heat stroke.

At this time, you are feeling so ill that you decide to ask the driver for assistance; however, you suddenly realize that you are unable to talk clearly and that your words are slurred together. It seems as if all of the voices and noises are muddled. You start to panic to the point that you can’t even breathe, and all you want to do is get out of the CNG as quickly as possible.

Summertime in Dhaka may be especially trying due to the city’s notoriously bad traffic, and it’s not always easy to make it through the season unscathed. Everyone, from children who are still in school to people who are actively employed, may benefit from the following advice that will make it easier to avoid becoming trapped in traffic during the course of the summer.

Always remember to bring along a water bottle.

Never, ever, regardless of how late you are running to go to school or the workplace, forget to bring your water bottle with you. Water is almost always the best remedy for relieving any and all sorts of heat-related pain. During the warmer summer days, you might also bring electrolyte drinks with you. While you’re trapped in frustrating traffic, you’ll be able to instantly rehydrate and revitalize yourself with its support. You may also feel a little bit more awake and alert by splashing some water on your face.

Keep a little portion of your money in the form of cash.

While you are sitting inside of a car, you should immediately get out and purchase a bottle of cool water or an electrolyte drink just in case you begin to feel nauseous or are experiencing a heat stroke. If you only have large bills like 500 or 1000 taka in your wallet, you might run into some difficulties since practically every street seller will inform you that they don’t have any change for larger bills. In order to avoid having to scramble to pay for anything fast, you should aim to have 10, 20, or 50 taka notes with you at all times.

A few more fundamental aspects

The smoke- and dust-filled air in Dhaka is one of the primary contributors to the city’s horrific traffic, which may cause you to feel dreadful after only a few minutes of exposure. Sweating an excessive amount may lead to feelings of discomfort as well as dehydration, and heatwaves on top of traffic congestion can make you sweat like crazy. The use of a handkerchief, facial tissues, wet wipes, or face mists may work like magic if you want to avoid them and feel revitalized. Always be sure to protect your skin from the sun by using sunscreen and reapplying it every few hours or whenever you feel the need to freshen up.

You might also bring along a portable rechargeable fan, which will seem like an invaluable asset when there isn’t even the slightest breeze to be found in the middle of the horrendous gridlock. It also does not cost an excessive amount of money, and you can get it by shopping online.

Make every effort to ignore the traffic on the road.

One of the most significant drawbacks of being stuck in traffic is losing time and becoming disinterested in one’s surroundings. To fight this, you should attempt to be something busy or utilize some entertainment to take your mind off the road for a short while. You can do everything from work to read books, listen to music, or watch videos while you’re online.

In order to do this, you need bring earbuds or headphones with you so that you don’t bother other people, and you should also make sure that your mobile phone has adequate mobile data on it.

Aside from this, you may make your time spent waiting in traffic a little more enjoyable by making sensible decisions such as dressing in light-colored, comfortable clothing and donning a pair of shades.

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