Strike Brussels Airport Reschedules Flights On June 20

Brussels Airport and the airlines flying from Belgium’s largest airport are making preparations for the difficulties that will be caused by the national demonstration that will take place the following Monday, June 20. It is to be anticipated that there will be significant interference with the operation of public transportation. This past week, security personnel working for G4S made the announcement that they will go on strike the following Monday, which may cause wait times to be much longer at the security checkpoints.

The Belgian labor unions have called for a nationwide demonstration to take place on the Monday, June 20. According to the airport’s statement, “We anticipate this occurrence to have a significant effect on our airport operations.”

There will be a considerable number of flight cancellations and reschedulings on that day in order to prevent passengers from having to wait for an excessive amount of time. The operational staff at Brussels Airport are in the process of organizing this with all of the airport’s partners, and airlines are adjusting their flight itineraries accordingly. “Air France will notify the passengers of the flights that may be affected.”

The most significant airline operating out of this terminal, Brussels Airlines, said that it had already called off fifty percent of Monday’s planned flights.

The flight schedule for TUI Fly Belgium will be strictly adhered to.

It is strongly recommended that travellers who want to fly on Monday only bring the items that can fit into their carry-on bags.

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