Research Shows Europe’s Safest Destinations For 2022

According to a recent survey, the nations in the European Union that provide the safest environments for vacations in 2022 are as follows.
According to the findings of a recent research, Switzerland is the most secure nation in all of Europe to visit during the summer. The research, which was carried out by Forbes Advisor, analyzed metrics such as the quality of bathing waters, the quality of healthcare, and the rate of thefts and homicides, and then merged the results into a final safety score in order to determine which locations will be the safest for vacations in the year 2022.


With a score of 88.3 out of 100 for safety, the research indicates that Switzerland is the safest nation in the world to go to in 2018. The study found that out of the 29 European nations examined, Switzerland has the highest quality of healthcare (893 out of 1000 according to the Euro Health Consumer Index), followed by the Netherlands (883) and Denmark (885). According to the data provided by the European Environment Agency, the country also comes in sixth place in the ranking for the best quality of bathing waters, with 93 percent of bathing waters in the country being of excellent quality. This places the country behind Cyprus (100 percent), Austria and Greece (98 percent), Malta (97 percent), and Croatia (96 percent).

IQAir’s measurements of air particulate matter with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) were also taken into account in the research. These figures were used to determine the levels of pollution. According to Eurostat, the rate of murders in Switzerland is low compared to other countries, at 5.7 per million, which will equate to 50 homicides in 2019. The average PM2.5 concentration in Switzerland is 10.8, which places it tenth on the list of nations with the cleanest air.


With an overall Safety Score of 82.3, the statistics indicate that Slovenia is the second safest nation in which tourists may go.

In a nation that has an average level of pollution of 13.3 PM2.5 and a quality of healthcare that is 678, the country’s bathing waters also perform very well, with 85 percent of them being regarded as good. This location could be ideal for you if you’re seeking a spot to go on an adventure by yourself or somewhere to explore on your own.


This summer, travelers looking for a safe destination can consider going to Portugal, which has a safety rating of 82.1. Portugal is ranked fourth for the quality of its air, with one of the lowest air pollution rates (7.1 PM2.5), following countries such as Finland (5.5 PM2.5), Estonia (5.9 PM2.5), and Sweden. Portugal is tied for seventh place with Switzerland and Germany for having excellent water quality (93 percent) (6.6 PM2.5). Portugal comes in at number 10 on the list of countries with the best healthcare, behind Germany (754).


Austria comes in at number four on the list of safest countries in which to visit in 2022 with a total index score of 81.4. The nation ranks seventh for quality of healthcare (799 according to the Health Consumer Index), behind Sweden (800) and Finland. It boasts one of the highest percentages of good swimming waters out of all the countries that were evaluated (98 percent), second only to Cyprus (100 percent) (839). The rate of homicide, which stands at 8.2 per million inhabitants, is likewise quite low in comparison to that of other nations.


Germany had a total safety score of 81.2, placing it fifth among all countries in terms of how safe they are to visit in 2022. The majority of the water across the nation is suitable for swimming and bathing (93 percent), making it a welcoming destination for visitors and swimmers. Germany ranks eighth in the world for having the cleanest air (with a pollution level of 10.6 PM2.5), and it has a low number of murders per million people (6.9), making it an excellent location for tourists of all types.

The following is a commentary on the findings provided by a representative of Forbes Advisor: “Security can be a deciding factor when people are considering where to spend their vacations, and these figures show that there are considerable differences across Europe when measuring factors such as the quality of bathing waters or the levels of theft.”

These statistics shed light on the need of having travel insurance while traveling to other nations. If you are protected by travel insurance, you have the ability to get monetary compensation for losses as well as cover medical expenditures in the nation that you are visiting, therefore making the trip as hassle-free and stress-free as it possibly can be.

Forbes Advisor, whose editorial staff has decades of combined expertise in the field of personal finance, was the organization that carried out the research. It has a strong commitment to guiding customers in making sound financial choices and selecting those financial solutions that are most appropriate for their unique circumstances and aspirations.

In the areas of consumer credit, debt, banking, investment, insurance, loans, property, and travel that are covered by Forbes Advisor, the team brings a wealth of industry experience to the table. It is of the utmost importance that all of its coverage, evaluations, and recommendations be founded on extensive study, extensive experience, and stringent methodology.

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