Quest for first class service on Qantas resumes

Qantas is restarting its A380 service for the first time in over two years, and the aircraft will be equipped with an exclusive modification.
First class is also returning, and it has been completely redesigned with a whole new look: 14 luxuriously fitted seats in a private refuge for the duration of the journey.
“With this revamped on-board offering, it’s truly a new first class experience,” Qantas chief customer officer Stephanie Tully told 9News.

A fresh new first class menu created by Neil Perry has been introduced, with a fully revamped color palette and bedding.
The airline’s A380 fleet was put on hold when COVID-19 made landfall in California, where it was stranded in the scorching heat.
Throughout the day, a team of engineers tested and maintained each machine to ensure it was in peak operating condition.

“Because many of our planes were being repainted around the time of the pandemic’s onset, the vast majority of these seats had never been used before because consumers never had the opportunity,” Ms Tully said.
“We’re thrilled to have them back in service in Los Angeles,” said the team.
In the last month, four of the aircraft were flown back to their home country of Australia.

During a recent interview with 9News, first officer David Theiss shared his thoughts on preparing to fly an A380 back to Sydney.
When he was unable to fly, he was forced to find other employment, as were many of his coworkers.
For him, it was driving harvesting machines in a remote part of Australia.

“Everyone has managed to keep themselves employed in some capacity.” “It’s such a relief and a thrill for us to be able to return,” he remarked.

“It’s really extremely emotional,” says the author.

In addition to the newly renovated cabin, first and business class passengers may take use of a new bar area.
Business class has also been upgraded, with new seats and more comfort being provided.
There has also been a relaunch of the first class lounge, which now has a new cuisine as well as the reintroduction of its spa, where passengers may indulge in massages and facials.

Managing director of, David Flynn, said this is a significant step forward as Qantas attempts to return to regular operating circumstances.

“Because the A380 can carry hundreds more people, it will be able to transport more Australians traveling abroad and more visitors coming to Australia,” he said.
“On top of that, it’s a showcase aircraft for the company.”
The feedback from travelers has been overwhelmingly favorable.

According to Qantas, there has been a significant increase in reservations, especially in the first class cabin,” he stated.

In addition, many frequent fliers have been using their points to make such flights since they have been accruing points for the last two years but have no nowhere to put them to use.

Bookings for first class flights to Los Angeles will be available starting on March 27.

Until then, a small set of business customers will be upgraded, allowing them to take advantage of the better, more spacious seats while foregoing the menu.

Also starting in June, the A380 service between Sydney and London via Singapore will be reinstated, complete with a new first class cabin.

Jetstar’s flights from Melbourne to Bali have also resumed service after being suspended for over two years.

More than 300 people boarded a Boeing 787 jet for the first time this morning for the maiden journey.

If of right now, just three flights per week will leave from Melbourne; however, as demand increases, that number will be increased accordingly.

Prior to the pandemic, this route was the most popular on Jetstar’s network.

Flights to Bali from Sydney and Perth will return early next month, followed by flights to Bali from Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, and Darwin in May. Bali is the world’s most visited tourist destination.

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