Premier pushes for a short cruise industry restart

The Premier of New South Wales, Dominic Perrottet, has urged for the re-opening of the $5 billion cruise sector “as quickly as we can, in the safest manner possible.”
In his words, “it’s an industry that has had a really difficult time over the last number of years.”
While he acknowledged that reopening the industry had been considered last year, he said that Omicron had most likely put the process on hold.

The fact that individuals are leaving Australia to go cruising in other countries but they are unable to do the same in Australia does not make sense, according to him.
He acknowledged that a great deal will rely on choices made by the federal government, but predicted that the topic would very sure resurface in National Cabinet as Australia continued to emerge from the Omicron wave in the future.
In December of last year, Health Minister Greg Hunt extended the ship ban until February 17, despite having previously said that he wanted cruises back on the water by Christmas this year.

The sector generates $5 billion annually and supports 18,000 Australian employment.
Travel agencies, food providers, nautical companies, and on-shore tour and tourist companies are all impacted as a result of the crisis.
Mr. Sture Myrmell, President of P&O Cruises Australia, has described the continued stoppage as “disappointing.”

“Despite the high vaccination rate in the country, the cruise industry’s comprehensive health protocols, vaccination policies for guests and crew, and the successful resumption of cruising in other international markets,” he said. “Federal and state governments have yet to outline their requirements for restart.”

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