Panoramic Hot Tub & Designed Like A Private Airplane

A new superyacht in the guise of a spacecraft, valued at £3 million and with a panoramic rooftop hot tub, has been launched.

In addition to the tub, the Royal Alpha One has a dynamic, modern design, owing in part to glass surfaces that are photochromic, meaning that their color changes according on the strength of the light.

In the words of Lazzarini, the Italian design company responsible for it, “the boat has been arranged in the form of a private aircraft, with sumptuous couches and sofas that include eating spaces.”

In addition to a large main deck with many seating spaces, the lower living level has three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. In addition, there is a kitchen and a cabin for two crew members on board.

The open area at the back of the building allows tourists to take in the panoramic views.

In addition, the same views can be enjoyed from the inside, due to the vast glass panels that make up the majority of the top carbon-fibre construction.

On the roof, a huge sunbed is situated next to the hot tub, providing a comfortable area to soak up the sun while taking in the breathtaking views.

Guests may cool off in the sea owing to a retractable swim platform at the back of the property – and have fun with water toys that are kept in a’spacious garage’.

There are two or three Volvo propulsion systems planned for Royal Alpha One, with speeds ranging from 32 knots (36mph) to 42 knots (50mph) (48mph). Alternately, on request, the boat may be built for fully electric sailing and powered entirely by hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Full electric autonomy provides for a range of 120 miles (193 kilometers), while diesel power would allow for a range of 680 kilometers (1,094km).

Despite the fact that Lazzarini has not yet found a buyer, the company claims that the hull is already ready for the building process, which will take around 16 months.

‘The hull has already been printed and is ready for the building process,’ says Cinzia Ruggeri, a spokesperson for the company. ‘It is fitted with twin Volvo IPS engines.’

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