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Palesa Matjekane creates denim clothing line

She is a candidate for Mrs South Africa in 2022. This is her second time submitting an entry to the competition.

She tried her luck for the first time in 2020, but she was unsuccessful. This year, she returns to the pageant with greater self-assurance and certainty about what she hopes to accomplish via it.

Palesa Matjekane, a mother, wife, and businesswoman, says she has learnt to be patient with herself and her ambitions over the years.

In her words, “Having in a competition of this kind means being a good influence on other women and demonstrating that it is possible to live a balanced life while pursuing a business, community development, and being able to care for a family.”

Resilience and the desire to never give up are shown by returning for a second time. As women, we owe it to ourselves to pursue our ambitions and aspirations. We must never give up, no matter how many times we fail, until we have achieved our goal, which is feasible. Using a platform such as Mrs. SA sisterhood to learn and develop with other women while remaining together and setting the path for the future generation, I am looking forward to the road ahead.”

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Palesa holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and has worked in the advertising field for more than ten years before choosing to branch out into the entertainment industry and utilize show business to effect good change in the world.

Founder of the Women in Formation Africa Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to education, empowerment, and social and economic equality for young women and girls in Africa. The foundation provides support to women and young girls through established programs in local communities throughout the continent of Africa.

In her spare time, Palesa may be seen strolling the runway or experimenting behind the sewing machine and creating drawings inspired by her passion for fashion. Palesa debuted a denim apparel brand, Maison Lisa, on April 2nd, which features African women’s forms and is inspired by them.

Among the items in the collection will be denim and jackets as well as skirts, shorts, and dresses that are “made for the distinctive African body forms in their variety,” according to the designer.

« Women, particularly African women, have a difficult time finding jeans that are appropriate for their physique. We have a lower waist and fuller hips than other people. Others of us are short, some are tall, and we are all different, and the market does not accommodate all of our forms. “The brand’s mission is to promote and embrace the African figure in all of its diversity,” she continues.

Her mother and grandmother, both called Elisabeth, inspired her to name her clothing line Maison Lisa after them.

My mother and grandmother, both called Elizabeth, or Lisa for short, are the pillars of my strength, and they are both named Elizabeth. When my grandmother Elizabeth Makwa became pregnant with my mother Elisa Makwa, she was pursuing her dream of being a fashion designer. As a result, our brand honors and pays respect to three extraordinary generations, among them myself. My parents contributed to my development as a woman by instilling in me compassion, humility, self-sufficiency, and love.”

She thinks that her new business would help to boost women’s self-confidence while also providing work opportunities.

This platform also means generating possibilities for others to be motivated to either start their own enterprises or discover inventive methods of earning a livelihood, which is especially important given the high unemployment rate among young people.

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Palesa, who was born in the Free State’s Sebokeng township, fell in love with fashion when she was a little child while traveling with her mother, Elisa, to New York, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

“I’ve also competed in beauty pageants and walked in a number of fashion shows,” she says. I have walked the runways at South African Fashion Week and fashion events, as well as been on billboards and magazine covers. I gained my skills working behind the scenes for major fashion companies like as AFI Prive Platinum Group Jenni Button Hilton Weigner and AFI Prive Platinum Group Jenni Button. “It provided me with a better understanding of the fashion business and how it operates,” she adds.

She has been married for ten years and has two children. She has spent the most of her time focused on her family, but her love was renewed when she first joined Mrs. South Africa in 2020 and started working on the Maison Lisa brand.

In order to create the brand and choose the textiles, as well as to ensure that I understand the feminine form, it has taken time. I didn’t hurry things because I wanted to make sure everything was perfect, and I’m thrilled to announce the opening of Maison Lisa, which will be available for purchase on our website starting on April 2. “The never-ending quest for the ideal pair of jeans has come to an end.”

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