Myanmar To Restart Issuing Visas

Myanmar has announced that it would once again begin issuing visas to visitors coming from other nations. This was done to assist the country’s tourist economy, which has suffered as a result of the epidemic caused by the coronavirus.

The Associated Press reports that government officials in Myanmar have disclosed that on May 15 they would begin issuing “e-Visas” for tourists, which are visas that can be applied for and issued via the internet. The decision was made after the government resumed its practice of permitting commercial flights from other countries on April 17.

In order to submit an application, passengers are required to provide evidence that they have had the COVID-19 immunization, negative findings from a PCR test administered before their journey, and a valid travel insurance coverage. Upon arrival, guests must undergo an ATK quick exam.

Before the epidemic, Myanmar was expecting 4.36 million visitor arrivals in 2019, but the government has now closed its borders to foreign tourists because of the escalating number of diseases. The administration is following the lead of the majority of Southeast Asian countries, which have already reopened their borders to tourists.

The United States Department of State has issued a Level 4 travel advisory for the country due to “areas of civil unrest and armed conflict.” This is due to the fact that the country is currently involved in clashes between the military-led government and resistance groups. Despite the fact that the country has reopened to tourism, the advisory remains in place.

Because of the limits imposed by COVID-19, the State Department advises American citizens to “give traveling to Burma some serious consideration.”

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