Massive security waits at Dublin Airport frighten some travelers

According to the Dublin Airport Authority, social media photos of hundreds of people standing in and outside Dublin Airport for security screening at the start of the Easter vacation have left many customers terrified – and arriving at the airport unnecessarily early to catch their flights.

“”There are some individuals who are frightened,” a DAA spokeswoman said after photographs of large lineups outside and within the airport were shared on social media yesterday.

“As passengers waited in line at 4 a.m. Tuesday, he said, “I believe people have been a little scared by the pictures they have seen on social media.”

And, despite the fact that the photographs seem to be intimidating, in most instances, travelers were just waiting outdoors for around 10 minutes, he said.

He went on to say that although there was a continuous stream of passengers at the departures area at Terminal One this morning, the lineups were orderly and everyone arrived at their destinations on time.

Nonetheless, the DAA recommends that travellers arrive “no more than three and a half hours before their scheduled departure time” in order to guarantee that they complete security and make it to their gates on time.

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