March 28, Srinagar’s Airport Had Its Busiest Day

The day of March 28, 2022, was the busiest in the history of Srinagar International Airport, with 90 aircraft carrying a total of 15014 people flying in and out of the Kashmiri capital. According to an airport official, 45 planes arrived at the airport, carrying 7824 people, while 45 flights left, carrying 7190 passengers to different places across the world.

According to a representative for the Sheikhul Alam International Airport, also known as Srinagar airport, the airport handled 45 incoming aircraft with 7,824 passengers on March 28 and 45 leaving flights with 7,190 passengers on the same day, according to Twitter.

He went on to say that with a total of 90 flights and 15014 passengers, it was the busiest day in the company’s history, and that it was just the beginning of the “Summer Schedule”!

As of right now, the existing design of Srinagar International Airport can accommodate around 7000 people per day. Construction of a new terminal building to expand the airport’s capacity will begin soon, according to plans released by the city.

The official went on to say that the greatest number of passengers ever recorded was 13700 per day the previous time, and that they now expect to see even larger numbers in the coming months since it is the beginning of the tourism season in Kashmir at this time.

According to the official, one of the most difficult tasks is managing congestion in the city during the peak season, with the primary priority being to guarantee that there is no traffic congestion at the airport.

Sharad Kumar, the airport’s director, said that a new facility is being constructed to accommodate more people, which would assist to relieve congestion.

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