Maldives Removing PCR Test For Vaccinated Visitors

As of today, the Maldives has become the newer nation to ease its immigration restrictions connected to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Upon arrival at their destination, fully vaccinated foreign travelers will no longer be needed to present evidence of having had a negative PCR test performed. An official notification published by the government of the Indian Ocean archipelagic republic states that they are also exempt from submitting to a PCR test prior to travelling.

All incoming foreign travelers, on the other hand, are required to complete the Traveler Health Declaration form within 48 hours of boarding their trip.

The decision comes at a time when immunization rates throughout the globe are continuing to rise.

Saudi Arabia eased travel restrictions early this week, following the example of countries such as Jamaica, Ireland, Saint Lucia, Qatar, and others that have done so in recent days. A tourist-dependent economy, the Maldives opened its borders to the epidemic fairly early, beginning in July 2020, and will remain open throughout its duration.

Beginning in late July 2021, all overseas tourists above the age of one were required to have a negative PCR test performed within 96 hours of their departure for the Maldives before entering.

A negative PCR test done within 72 hours after check-out was also required of visitors checking out of a resort on any inhabited island in the Philippines.

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