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Los Cabos Is One Of Mexico’s Safest Locations

In spite of the fact that there have been recent concerns regarding the level of crime, a new official study has found that Los Cabos is one of the safest places in all of Mexico. The recent increase in reservations for the Pearl of the Pacific, which includes well-known tourist destinations such as Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, demonstrates that not only is it a secure destination, but that it is also highly well-liked by people from the United States.

The cities of San Lucas and San Jose, which are both expanding at a rapid rate, are on the verge of collaborating on a joint development project.

Cancun comes in second place, with arrival numbers that have already surpassed those of 2019 and accounting for nearly 8% of all air travel within Mexico. US people particularly adore “Cape Town.” In comparison to 2019, they have already paid us a visit 22% more often this year, and it’s only September!

To their good fortune, FITURCA has once more affirmed that the resort center does not present any safety concerns:

The Advisory Level 2 continues to be in effect for Los Cabos.

The Los Cabos Tourist Trust is an organization that monitors tourism statistics and trends in the area. The organization’s Spanish abbreviation is FITURCA. According to Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, the Director of the Trust, Los Cabos continues to be on Level 2 Travel Recommendations for the Fall season, in addition to being among the safest destinations to visit in Mexico. This information was provided by the Trust. Let’s have a look at what this entails, shall we?

Between numbers 1 and 4, the United States places various locations at varying degrees of danger. Level 1 indicates that visitors are not at any increased danger, but Level 4 provides a list of locations that should be avoided at all costs. A Tier 2 title has been bestowed to Los Cabos, Cancun, and a number of other popular beach destinations in Mexico. When traveling abroad, it is important for Americans to remember to exercise caution.

To put it more simply, customers should not jeopardize the hotel’s security by venturing out at night in locations with inadequate lighting, like downtown Cabo, and they should avoid needlessly flaunting jewels and other objects outside the hotel. Even while the majority of trips to Cabo are trouble-free and the likelihood of being robbed is rather low, visitors should be aware that, just as in any other major city, criminal activity is nevertheless possible in Cabo.

In its purest form, Tier 2 is the lowest position that a major metropolitan center may strive to achieve. The similar advise was sent to countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and even Denmark, all of which have almost nonexistent rates of violent crime. Following their success on the world stage, gorgeous capes have been awarded their nation’s official mark of quality assurance.

One of the six municipalities in Mexico with the lowest crime rates.

According to Cascajares, Los Cabos was “consistently” ranked among the top six destinations in Mexico for its high level of perceived safety. INEGI‘s own research on the matter The research was carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico in 75 “major” communities all throughout the nation. The results showed that “citizen perception of security” is one of the highest.

Naturally, levels of satisfaction among tourists are also exceptionally high, which is reflected in the remarkable recovery of the region’s travel season following the pandemic. a significant distance ahead of others in Mexico. According to Cascajares, Los Cabos has remained at Level 2 for the whole time in question despite the absence of any significant occurrences that occurred over the last “4 or 5 years.”

According to the findings of the INEGI survey, there was an increase from 66.2% in March 2022 to 67.4% of Mexicans aged 18 and over who judged their area of residence to be “safe” in June 2022. The cities of Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Ciudad Obregon, Irapuato, Cuautitlan Izcali, and Calima got the lowest ratings, with Calima being the most hazardous since 87.5% of adults felt it was a “unsafe” place to live there.

To provide some context, the following is a list of Mexico’s six most secure towns in order of safety:

San Pedro Garza Garcia
Benito Juarez
Piedras Negras
Los Cabos

Only 30.7% of Los Cabos residents consider it a dangerous city, which is in stark contrast to Colima’s 87.5%. The highest-ranking municipality on the list, San Pedro Garza Garca, came out ahead with just 15.1 percentage points. In general, murders, conflicts, and violent crimes are not the main concern for visitors to Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and neighboring towns.

Los Cabos is safe, but it’s getting more and more expensive.

On the other side, as a result of an increase in demand, hotel rates in Los Cabos have skyrocketed in recent years. These rates are comparable to the exorbitant rates that can be found in other parts of Mexico, in particular Cancun and the broader Riviera Maya. As a result of this, we have compiled a list of five hotels in the greater Cape Town region that can be booked for a nightly rate of less than $175.

When you are planning your next vacation, using our list of five airports in the United States that provide direct flights to Los Cabos for less than $250 will assist you in ensuring that you obtain the best value available. Visit the page on the official website of the United States Department of State for further travel safety advice specific to Baja California Sur, where the popular tourist destinations of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are located.

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