Lifeguards caution beachgoers to be cautious around Easter.

Beachgoers in Queensland are being urged to exercise caution throughout the Easter holiday season, according to lifeguards.
Lifeguards on the Gold Coast have done 40 rescues in the last two days, and they are urging families and tourists to heed safety warnings as the beach crowds increase this weekend on the popular tourist destination.
Lifeguards at Burleigh Heads were forced to shut the renowned beach due to severe weather conditions.

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According to lifeguard Scott Franzmann, “we’ve had some very challenging circumstances the past couple of days.”
There is a reasonably huge easterly surf, plenty of rips about — especially over the open beaches — and quite a few people on the beach right now.
Beachgoers said that they had never seen the popular beach so crowded in their lives.

There were a slew of folks in attendance. I haven’t seen so many people in Burleigh in a long time, and I was surprised “According to one of the residents.
“There were too many for anybody to keep track of, and they were all over the place.

Another person said that they would not risk their lives in the choppy surf.
There is only one wave required to lose sight of a youngster, and it is just not worth the risk, according to the parents.
‘It was simply much too unsafe,’ claimed another. “Normally, I like going out, but not today,” added another.

It is anticipated that similar weather conditions would persist during the Easter holiday weekend. Lifeguards have advised those heading to the beach to use care in the water due to the increased number of people on the beach this time of year.

The information boards should be checked, Mr Franzmann said, and the questions should be posed.
“Don’t go too far out, and always stay between the red and yellow flags at all times,” says the captain.

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