KLM Has 167 Summer Routes, 12 Direct From The U.S

Besides a new route to Austin, Texas, the KLM Airline carrier will operate daily flights to Atlanta, Washington D.C.; New York; Los Angeles; and San Francisco. It was stated in a press release by the Dutch airline, KLM, that it would operate flights to 167 locations during the summer of 2022, which will run from March 27 to October 29.

Customers will be able to choose between flights to 96 European cities and 71 intercontinental destinations, as well as 12 direct flights to the United States, for a total of 16 million seats on the airline’s network.

KLM is reacting to the needs of passengers by increasing its capacity to a level that is virtually identical to what it was in 2019 before to the outbreak of the flu. Adding more locations to its network, such as Belgrade, Dubrovnik, and Palma de Mallorca, has proven to be quite popular, and the firm anticipates even more bookings to other destinations over the summer months.

In order to meet the demands of its clients, the carrier has also implemented policy modifications. On March 23, KLM ceased requiring customers to wear masks, joining a growing number of other airlines that have abandoned the covid-19 requirement. Customers travelling with KLM and taking advantage of the 167 routes the firm will service this summer will be able to travel in more comfort since they will not be required to wear facial covers.

The Expansion of KLM’s Network

The number of flights to the Caribbean and the United States has expanded in recent years. The airline has expanded its network to include Austin, Texas, and will now provide daily flights to Caribbean locations such as Aruba, Bonaire, and CuraƧao, among others.

Also said was that their consumers are interested in visiting Asia, namely in countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Bali according to the Dutch airline. The airline has taken into consideration nations such as India that have lifted travel restrictions or are on the verge of doing so.

They are not expanding their network into other nations that have tight travel restrictions, such as China, for example. KLM also clarified that, as a result of the European Union’s sanctions against Russia, they will not be able to fly in Russian airspace, and that customers should be aware that flights to destinations such as Japan, China, and South Korea will take two hours longer and will include a stop in Seoul as a result.

The majority of routes to South America have been restored to levels comparable to those seen before to the outbreak. There are daily flights to Sao Paulo, Panama City, and Lima, as well as regular flights to Quito, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Santiago, according to the airline.

African locations are also included in KLM’s growth plans. During the summer months, the airline will fly to a total of ten destinations: Zanzibar; Johannesburg; Cape Town; Accra; Lagos; Kigali; Entebbe; Nairobi; Kilimanjaro; and Dar es Salaam.

Flights from KLM to the United States

KLM Has 167 Summer Routes, 12 Direct From The U.S - Travelrnews
KLM Has 167 Summer Routes, 12 Direct From The U.S – Travelrnews

The Dutch airline KLM has had consistent growth since November, when the United States relaxed travel restrictions for Europeans. The company’s summer services will be comparable to those given in 2019.

The city of Austin, the state capital of Texas, has been added as a new destination for the Dutch airline in the United States. In their opinion, this location is “a thriving technological center and the home of a big number of technology businesses,” and they anticipate a strong demand for business flights in the near future.

In accordance with information published on the website Aviacionline, the following are the direct flights that KLM has booked from Amsterdam to the United States:

Flights to Atlanta are available every day.
Austin: once a week, three times a week.
Boston: once a week, four times a week.
Flights to and from Washington Dulles are available on a daily basis.
Houston: six times a week, on average.
New York: 19 times every week, including weekends.
Five times a week in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Los Angeles: 13 times a week on average.
Minneapolis: once a week, four times a week
Chicago O’Hare International Airport: six times every week.
San Francisco: ten times every week, on average.
Utah: three times every week in Salt Lake City.

The Airbus A330-300, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, and the Boeing 777-200ER/787-10 Dreamliner are among the aircraft types that have been designated for these itineraries.

KLM is now giving special bargains to clients on its official website in order to lure more passengers to the airline. The cost of a ticket from New York to Amsterdam is $660, from Los Angeles to Billund is $525, from New York to Aalborg is $532, and the cost of a ticket from San Francisco to Amsterdam is $635, all taxes included. Flight deals are only valid for a limited time period and may vary based on availability and location.

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