Kenya Relaxes Covid-19 Testing Regulations For International Travellers

Kenya has repealed all remaining Covid-19 regulations, including the necessity for incoming air travelers to provide proof of a negative PCR test result.

The decision, which takes effect immediately, means that travelers who have received vaccinations will be able to enter the country without any limitations. Large indoor meetings, such as religious services, have been permitted once again.

Though Kenyans are encouraged to adhere to public health precautions like as handwashing and social distance, face masks are no longer required in public places, according to government authorities.

Aside from that, any and all quarantine procedures for proven Covid-19 infections have been suspended with immediate effect. Earlier, Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe provided specifics on the adjustments, stating that an increase in the number of Kenyans preferring to be vaccinated has allowed for the relaxation of vaccination requirements.

In Kenya, which has a population of 54 million people, fewer than 35 Covid-19 infections a day have been documented over the previous week, according to government figures.

Approximately 323,000 infections and 5,600 fatalities have been reported throughout the globe during the epidemic. Kenyan adults are around 29 percent completely vaccinated, which is higher than the rate in most other nations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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