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It’s competitive and lonely but I like it Bonang Matheba on NYC

A media darling in her own right, she is one of the most liked and followed personalities in Mzansi.

Her presenting abilities have enthralled people on red carpets, on radio, and during award ceremonies for years, and she has interviewed celebrities and other notable figures since she was 16 years old.

Bonang Matheba (34) gathered her belongings and embarked on a voyage to foreign borders in 2020 in order to follow her goal in the United States.

She just went home to quickly make up with family and friends, as well as to take care of some business affairs while having a good time. She recently organized a screening of the Real Housewives of Lagos in Johannesburg, which was attended by a large number of people.

Her words to Drum are, “Order has been restored.”

“For those like me who rely on live performances, concerts, and other such events, Covid-19 had a negative impact on our lives, and it feels wonderful to be back in front of a live audience, doing what I like.” I have returned home, yet I am still very much a New Yorker at heart. “I’ll be back in a couple of days,” says the author.

Many people were curious about the nature of her company in the United States, but she isn’t quite ready to reveal everything just yet.

“I was at my desk working. People have a tendency to believe that if they cannot see what you are doing, you are not busy, but I have a lot of surprises in store for them.”

Despite the fact that she isn’t allowed to divulge too much, the major news is that she will be appearing in front of the camera.

Bonang claims she was in America to meet up with other hustlers and achieve her goals, which is precisely why she chose New York as her destination.

“The United States is difficult. It requires you to be aware of your own narrative. People have been wondering what it is that I’m doing in New York, and I’ve been keeping it a secret, but when the stuff comes out, they’ll be pleasantly pleased,” she adds.

“New York is a difficult place to live. It is a competitive and lonely environment, but I like the challenge. The United States is enormous, and everyone is attempting to make it there. Because they invented entertainment, they are also the crème de la crème of that industry. It’s the Hollywood version of paradise. I did not make it to my objective and become the Bonang who is well-known across my country and continent. I needed to put in the effort to establish myself all the way to the top. “It has been a really different experience in a lot of respects.”

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Not only has she been working behind the scenes, but she has also been exploring commercial endeavors for her Méthode Cap Classique (MCC), the House of BNG, which she founded in 2010.

For my business BNG, I needed to take on the United States as a wine expert, and I met some fantastic investors along the way. It was necessary, however, for me to examine it from a psychological standpoint in order to understand it. Africa is the current fashion and music trend, and everyone is turning to us for inspiration.”

Bonang revealed in October 2021 that she had canceled her contract with CSA Global and that she would be pursuing legal action against the management agency as well as an investigation into alleged criminal activity.

“There was and continues to be a significant legal dispute involving BNG, which is currently continuing.” I’m not allowed to discuss too much since the case is still pending. BNG, on the other hand, is present and doing well. It is my brand; it is my heart and soul, and we are about to unleash something monumental. When the time comes, I will describe what precisely occurred to me, and I will emphasize the importance of individuals learning from their mistakes. The lesson was learnt the hard way, and it’s a mistake that anybody can make. “Because we place our faith in others, we find ourselves in difficult circumstances,” she says.

“It is for this reason that I am quite thankful to Covid.” It forced me to take a step back and see individuals for who they really are. I would not have seen what was going on if it had not been for the epidemic, thus I am glad for the lessons learned. It is expected that people would be astonished when I finally speak.”

She will be introducing a new product from the BNG company in a few weeks.

“Every year, we want to surprise and delight those who have helped us along the way. Due to the fact that I do things with meaning and carefully choose the initiatives that I do, the time has to be precise. My preference is to be linked with things that make logical sense. In addition, I will be revealing another project very shortly.”

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Bonang claims that the United States has been kind to her.

‘It’s been quite wonderful to me.’ This is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little child, and I’ve always known that I’d start at home and work my way up to becoming internationally recognized.”

She believed she had attained the height of celebrity status at home.

“Whenever I felt like I had achieved the pinnacle of my abilities at home, I wanted to push myself. I wanted to explore what was out there and see what I could find. The Miss South Africa pageant, SAMAs, Metros, and Sports Awards are the biggest events in the country in terms of business and live production, and I have done them all. There is nothing else for me to do, and the only option was to either go worldwide or stay in the same location without growing. ‘The next stage was for me to go across the globe and see where I could go,’ she explains.

She has had times of irritation with the rush and bustle of New York City, but she is not giving up on her dream of living there.

“It’s not all glitter and glam,” says the author. New York is a densely populated city, yet it is also one of the most desolate locations on the planet. Whenever you take on a new challenge on your own, you will experience moments of self-sabotage. I was fortunate in that I had relatives in the United States, but I traveled to the country on my own and with my helper. It may be a very lonely and difficult place to live at times, especially because I don’t know many people. However, I am meeting new acquaintances and establishing myself. Likewise, I wanted to live in this manner: to go out and sit in the park, to be unknown, and to do things that I would not be able to do at home without being seen. But, of course, there will be a few people who remember me, but it’s nice to be able to stroll about and not be recognized by everyone. It was the life she had hoped for, she says.

She, on the other hand, enjoys being at home and misses the cuisine, the people, and the variety of languages.

“I like how much my family and friends value me at home. I’ve never let my celebrity go to my head. “I have stayed true to myself and who I am, and that is what people appreciate about me, even when I am away from home and not hosting events or red carpets,” she adds.

While the epidemic was going on, she was able to live by earning money via her MCC.

“I was reliant on the sale of my MCC. I’ve been working since I was 16 years old and have never taken a break. I don’t take anybody or anything for granted, and this has allowed me to live a long life. Kuli Roberts taught me how to communicate effectively with journalists and the media, which helped shape who I am today. “My friends and family back home make me renowned in New York.”

She has been spending a lot of time in Nigeria, in addition to being away from home.

“I believe Lagos is a great city with fantastic people,” says the author. The nightlife and glam staff are outstanding, and I am impressed with the high standard of competence maintained there. It has a strong resemblance to New York City. A lot is expected of Nigerians from one another, including high delivery and black excellence, and I understand this since they want to be the greatest. They are an inspiration to me, and we can learn a great deal from them.”

Bonang is often targeted on social media as well. Recent allegations that she had had nose surgery prompted her to reply with the following statement: “I’m all for entertainment journalism, just don’t spoil the enjoyment for everyone else.” It’s a strange situation “…..

“Argh, I was not upset by the remark about the nose. I understand what entertainment is all about, and I know what should be taken seriously and what shouldn’t be taken seriously. “People believe I’ve had work done on my nose, but it’s just contouring and filters in my make-up,” she explains.

Buying a nose is the least of my concerns since I’ve had worse things said about me. I’m well-versed in dealing with detractors.”

Bonang is 35 this year, and when she thinks back to when she was a young lady in her early 20s and a presenter on Live Amp, she realizes that her aspirations have shifted.

“My objectives have evolved over time, mostly as a result of the establishment of BNG. I had no idea how quickly it would expand and become as large as it has. “It is the best-selling MCC at Woolworths, and it has altered my life and opened my eyes to a new side of the company,” adds the woman.

“I’ve always been a TV and radio personality, but because of the popularity of my wine, I’ve had to make a significant career shift. It consumes a significant amount of my time and is very personal.”

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