Italy Tops Forbes List Of Global Summer Getaways

It has been a difficult few years on the road to the “new normal,” and even if many tourists hope to take a leisurely diversion this summer, worries about COVID-19, vacation prices, and family finances are not yet in the rear-view mirror. More than half of those who take summer vacations have had their summer travel plans altered for one reason or another, according to the findings of a recent poll conducted by Forbes Advisor.

Important discoveries

Vacation plans for the summer are affected by both costs and COVID-19.

54 percent of respondents to our study on summer tourists reported that the expense of vacation is hurting their plans for summer travel.

Fifty percent of respondents said that they planned their holidays with consideration given to COVID-19 and their financial situations.

41 percent of respondents indicated that safety concerns in foreign countries and the amount of vacation time they had available influenced their summer travel plans.

Some people use their summer break to save money while others see it as an opportunity to splurge.

The majority of those who live in the United States and who want to take a summer vacation this year reported cutting their initial travel expenditures by an average of $1,636.

The most common strategy for cutting expenses is going to a location that is less costly, which accounts for 45 percent of the total, followed by doing fewer trips (37 percent), and finally, traveling shorter distances (35 percent ).

Only 12% of those who take summer vacations would describe their excursions as being “expensive,” while 41% say their holiday price tag is “middle-of-the-road,” and 30% describe their trip as being “cheap/budget.”

42% of people think they will spend more on a summer vacation this year as comparison to the previous year, while 28% say they will spend less.

Expenses incurred while on summer vacation

The typical cost of a summer vacation inside the United States for travelers who purchase travel insurance is close to $7000, whereas the typical cost of a summer vacation outside the United States is above $7600.

The most popular places to visit during the summer months

During the time period beginning June 1, 2022 and ending on Labor Day, international travel will account for 79% of all sales of travel insurance. This year, Italy has soared all the way up to the number one spot as the best foreign destination for summer vacations, up from tenth place in 2021.

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