Inside Nauru Airlines’ New Boeing 737-700

Pacific Airlines debuted their first Boeing 737-700 aircraft, which was painted in a new livery. Nauru Airlines has taken delivery of its first Boeing 737-700 and debuted a new livery that features the country’s unique 12-pointed star, which represents the nation’s tribal and ethnic groups. The airline intends to repaint the remainder of its aircraft in the new livery as soon as possible.

The Boeing 737-700 of Nauru Airlines. Nauru Airlines, an airline based in the Central Pacific, has presented its first Boeing 737-700, which has been painted in a brand-new livery. A 12-pointed star and the national colors of Nauru are featured on the plane’s fuselage and wings, as well as the 12-pointed star of the country.

During a ceremony in Townsville to unveil the new livery design, President of the Republic of Nauru, Lionel Aingimea, expressed his appreciation for the Nauruan-inspired design.

Dr Kieren Keke, the Chairman of Nauru Airlines, said,

“The maiden flight will be a cause for celebration since it will signal the beginning of a new era for Nauru Airlines, as the airline’s new branding will take to the skies aboard our new aircraft. In addition to being symbolic of the Pacific Ocean, the waves that run over the fuselage of the aircraft also signify Nauru Airline’s history and current capacity to link tiny island countries in the Pacific with Australia and other parts of the world.”

VH-INU is the registration number of the Boeing 737-700. The aircraft, which has been in service with Air China since 2006, is more than 16 years old. It also spent almost three years in service with Surinam Airways until being retired from service in February 2021.

According to ch-aviation, the airline received the 737-700 in July of 2021, and has been using it since. However, the company’s induction, certification, and registration processes caused a delay in the aircraft’s introduction into the Nauru Airlines fleet. In addition, the airline said that it had acquired the aircraft outright from the manufacturer.

Dr. Keke went on to say,

Moreover, the 737-700 aircraft enhances the operating capabilities of our service, opening the door to potential to broaden our network of destinations, which will be evaluated in the near future.

The whole fleet will be painted in a new color scheme. The new livery will be applied to the whole fleet of Nauru Airlines, according to Dr Keke, who made the announcement at the unveiling event. The carrier’s fleet also includes four Boeing 737-300s, which are in addition to its Boeing 737-700s.

Two of these Boeing 737-300(SF) aircraft are used for passenger transport, while the other two Boeing 737-300(SF) aircraft are used for freight transportation. The two freighter types joined the fleet in 2021 and will remain there for the foreseeable future.

There are plans for a second 737-700. Nauru Airlines announced in July that it will purchase a second Boeing 737-700 by the end of 2021 as part of its fleet renewal strategy. The airline took receipt of VH-INU in July. However, such a plan has not yet come to fruition as of this writing.

With a long-term $25 million loan from the Taiwanese Export–Import Bank, Nauru Airlines is supporting its fleet renewal program. The loan was secured by the Government of Nauru and is being repaid over time. The airline also received government money to assist with the financing of its Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F) conversions for its Boeing 737-300(SF) cargo aircraft.

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