In Nepal Fully Vaccinated Travelers Are Free From PCR Testing

Nepal has just announced a number of initiatives to make it simpler for foreign travelers who have received all of their vaccinations to visit the Himalayan country. Foreign visitors will no longer be required to perform a pre-departure RT-PCR test in order to go to Nepal. Just produce and present a vaccination certificate stating that they have had a complete COVID-19 vaccine is sufficient.

These loosened regulations are intended to assist the Himalayan country’s tourist industry in regaining its footing.

When the Covid-19 Crisis Management Coordinating Center (CCMC), which is controlled by the government of Nepal, decided to waive the PCR test requirement for persons who received the entire Covid-19 vaccination within 14 days of arriving, it was a watershed moment.

Aside from that, Nepal is attempting to revitalize its tourist industry, with assistance from the National Tourism Revival Committee and tourism enterprises from both the public and private sectors.

The Committee, which is led by Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Prem Ale and has Rajaram Giri as its major coordinator, was founded by the Nepalese government in February 2022 and appointed by the Prime Minister of Nepal.

The following initial efforts have been identified by the committee in order to commence its involvement in the tourist restoration effort:

The required PCR test has been waived for passengers who have received all recommended vaccinations.
International passengers will be able to take advantage of special reductions similar to Nepali domestic rates on domestic flights during the length of the resuscitation effort.

A minimum of a 20 percent discount on hotel services has been agreed upon by hoteliers connected with the Hotel Association of Nepal for overseas customers.

Nirmal Purja, the world-renowned Nepalese climber who holds several world records, has been appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal’s tourism by the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Nepal.

Lastly, it should be noted that the recovery committee intends to propose more recovery strategies and action plans in April 2022.

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