Iceland welcomes all visitors even unvaccinated

In Iceland, all Covid-19 limitations have been lifted, including those pertaining to foreign travel and tourism.

Tourists and business travelers will be permitted to come regardless of whether or not they have had their vaccinations.

Iceland’s health minister, Willum Thor Thorsson, referred to the decision as a “watershed moment.” He said that the limited number of severe disease cases in the context of the present high infection rates allowed for the rule modification.

“We can certainly celebrate at this turning point, but I still ask people to be cautious, to practice personal infection protection measures, and to avoid interacting with others if they see symptoms,” he added in a statement.

There will be no disease prevention measures in place at the border, regardless of whether or not incoming tourists have been vaccinated against the virus.

On Iceland Air’s website, the airline said that “all tourists are welcome, regardless of vaccination status, and that there is no necessity to pre-register before coming.”

According to the Department of Transportation, “there is no longer any necessity for a PCR test to board an airplane, and there is no testing or quarantine upon arrival.” It is no longer necessary to produce a certificate of immunization or proof of previous Covid-19 infection.”

Iceland Air operates flights between Dublin and Reykjavik. In addition, the new low-cost carrier Play plans to begin service between the two cities in April..

“We have been conducting vacations in Iceland securely throughout the most of the epidemic,” said Clive Stacey, the founder of specialized travel company Discover the World.

“The country’s scientists and officials have conducted themselves in an exemplary manner, earning the respect of its citizens, and vaccination rates in the country are among the highest in Europe.”

In spite of the fact that infection rates are high right now, Covid-related hospitalizations remain exceedingly rare.

In addition, we are getting an unprecedented amount of inquiries about Iceland as a vacation destination.” Iceland as a vacation destination is ready and eager to welcome guests.

“It signifies a nation declaring that travel has returned to the state it was in before the epidemic,” said Steve Heapy, chief executive officer of Jet2.

Iceland is registering over 2,500 new infections every day, which is an exceptionally high amount for a nation with a population of less than 370,000 people. This indicates that about one out of every twenty inhabitants contracts Covid-19 on a weekly basis.

It was said in the official release that “about 110,000 persons have already been diagnosed with Covid-19, but it is believed through antibody testing that the same number have previously been infected without being detected.”

Separately, Switzerland has lifted all travel restrictions imposed in connection with Covid-19.

According to the travel advising division of Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs, “There are no longer any public health precautions at the border for travellers entering Switzerland from countries or areas where there is no variation of concern.”

In addition, “passengers traveling from Ireland to Switzerland are not needed to produce proof of Covid-19 immunization, recovery, or a negative test, nor are they required to complete a Swiss Passenger Locator Form,” according to the statement.

Passengers arriving in or returning to Ireland must, of course, continue to complete a Personal Locator Form and provide confirmation of vaccination, recovery, or a negative pre-departure test result in order to board the plane.

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