Hungary Has Lifted All Covid-19 Entry Restrictions

Travelers entering Hungary will no longer be required to comply with any COVID-related entry requirements after the removal of all restrictions by the authorities. Although neither a vaccination certificate nor pre-entry tests are needed, visas and appropriate travel documentation are still required, as is customary in the country.

Travelers may enter the nation via road, rail, sea, and air, regardless of their citizenship or level of protection against the coronavirus, as long as they meet the other standard requirements for entrance (such as having a valid travel document).

Refugees fleeing the turmoil in Ukraine will find it easier to reach Hungary, which will also benefit the country’s tourist industry.

In addition, the vast majority of COVID-19 limitations within individual countries have been lifted. People will no longer be required to show a health permit while entering shopping malls, bars, caf├ęs, restaurants, museums, theaters, cinemas, and other establishments in the future.

Masks are no longer necessary in enclosed rooms or when traveling by public transportation. After Slovenia and Iceland, Hungary has become the third EU nation to completely eliminate all COVID-related entrance criteria.

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