How Did The Eiffel Tower Rise Over 20 Feet

It’s right, you read that correctly! The famous Eiffel Tower in Paris expanded by about 20 feet (six meters) on Tuesday, owing to the installation of a new digital radio antenna. The renowned tower has now been raised to a height of 330 meters. Gustave Eiffel, a prominent architect of the nineteenth century, designed and constructed the tower.

Engineers used a helicopter to hoist a new digital audio antenna to the top of the tower on Tuesday, immediately increasing the overall height of the structure by several hundred feet. A large number of visitors were there to witness this historic occasion.

Associated Press reports that Jean-Fran├žois Martins, head of the Eiffel Tower firm, has said that scientific advancement is critical to the tower’s future. “It’s a historic occasion this morning because the Eiffel Tower is rising in height, which is not something that happens often.”

He went on to say, “From the advent of radio at the beginning of the twentieth century until the present day, the Eiffel Tower has been a companion for all radio technologies for decades after decades.”

The Eiffel Tower was completed on March 31, 1889, and stood 1024 feet tall at the time of its dedication. A period when the Eiffel Tower was the highest man-made building on the planet was a time when it was not. In today’s world, the tower, constructed of wrought-iron lattice, is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet.

The ceremony was also shown live on television, with the helicopter lowering the antenna to the ground. The procedure was completed in less than ten minutes by the team of professionals. Aside from that, the tower has been in operation for broadcast broadcasts for more than a century! An additional number of aging antennas have lately been replaced.

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