Hawaii Likely Welcome Roughly 1Million Visitors In July, According To Data

According to preliminary data provided by the Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism (DBEDT), the state of Hawaii received a total of 919,154 visitors in the month of July 2022. This figure represents a 92.4 percent recovery from the pre-pandemic figures reported in July 2019.

The amount that tourists spent while traveling in August 2019 was $1.94 billion, which is 14.3% more than the amount that they spent in July 2019 ($1.7 billion).

In July 2022, visitors stayed an average of 9.36 days, which is 4.9 percent longer than their average stay in July 2019 of 8.92 days.

In July 2022, the state had an average daily visitor count of 277,444, which was 3.1% lower than the total of 286,419 visitors recorded in same month in 2019.

In July 2022, there were 249,157 visitors from the eastern United States, representing a 2.3% increase in comparison to the 243,498 visitors that came during the same month in 2019. The total amount that customers spent at this market in December was $643.4 million, which is a 26% increase over the amount that they spent in July 2019 ($510.7 million). This is a significant increase from June 2019, when tourists in the Eastern United States spent $216 per person, while they spent an average of $260 per person per day in July 2022.

In July 2022, tourists from the western United States came by plane in the number of 528,319, which represents a 14.2% rise compared to the number of 462,676 visitors who arrived in July 2019. An gain of 45.4 percent brought the total amount of money spent by tourists in this sector up to $973.8 million in January, up from $669.8 million in June 2019. Additionally, the daily average expenditure per person was $211, which was a significant increase from the average expenditure per person of $165 in July 2019 (+27.6%).

134,587 visitors, or 82.8% of the total, came from the same source market in July 2019 as the 23,133 tourists that traveled from Japan in June 2022. In comparison to the sum of $186.5 million (-77%) that was spent by visitors from the same market in July 2019, Japanese tourists spent a total of $42.8 million during same month in 2022. When compared to July 2019 ($234 per person, a 0.4% decrease), the average daily expenditure by Japanese tourists was the same last month ($233 per person) as it was before ($234 per person).

“As we pass the midpoint of 2022 and compare the state’s economic recovery through tourism to 2019, visitors spent 5.8 percent or $610.1 million more over the same period, while arrivals in Hawaii were down 13.2 percent or -815,906 for the first seven months,” DBEDT director Mike McCartney said in response to the new statistics. “As we pass the midpoint of 2022 and compare the state’s economic recovery through tourism to 2019,” he continued, “

At this time, we are 86.8 percent recovered from the events of 2019. In point of fact, the agency predicts that there will not be a complete recovery until the year 2025.

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