Finland Relaxes Cruise Ship Passenger Restrictions

The entry of passengers from third-country nations arriving in Finland by cruise ship will be permitted from today, March 14, provided they produce evidence of COVID-19 immunization or a recovery certificate that is no more than six months old. So far, no one from the same group has been allowed to enter Finland, regardless of whether they have had vaccinations or are in recovery.

In a statement released last Thursday, March 10, it was disclosed that the current entrance limitations will be prolonged for another month, until April 10, in addition to the new entry restrictions being implemented.

“Because of the ongoing Corona epidemic, and in order to maintain the carrying capacity of health-care services, limitations on the admission of external border traffic will be prolonged by one month, until April 10. It is planned to loosen restrictions on cruise ship passengers from countries outside of the Schengen region.”

According to the press release, admission requirements for this group of travelers will be simplified starting today, on March 14, and will continue until further notice.

The statement goes on to stress that in order for passengers on cruise ships to be authorized to enter Finland, they must provide evidence of the following:

Documentation demonstrating recovery from the COVID-19 virus within six months, as proven by a positive laboratory test, or proof of completion of the COVID-19 vaccine course at least seven days before arrival but no more than 270 days prior to arrival

A traveler who is ineligible for any of the two certifications will be routed to a Coronavirus testing station at the border, where he or she will be subjected to a Coronavirus test.

“Those who were born in 2006 or earlier are subject to the requirement. The certificate is no longer necessary for Finnish citizens or foreigners who have established a permanent residence in Finland, according to a news statement published by the Finnish Ministry of the Interior announcing the change.

As a result, cruise passengers from third countries, who were previously denied access to Finland on any grounds, will now be subject to the same entry restrictions as air travelers.

At a time when the Finnish tourism industry has been significantly impacted by the conflict in Ukraine, particularly in regards to visitors from Russia, the decision to loosen restrictions for another group of travellers from third countries is timely and appropriate.

According to Kristiina Hietasaari, the director of the Visit Finland website, the country’s tourist industry is experiencing uncertainty for the next spring and summer vacation seasons as a result of the situation in Ukraine, according to the website.

“We’ve had a number of enquiries concerning the present situation, including whether or not you may go to Finland and what has been impacted here. According to Hietasari, director of the film, “This is a significant problem, and we are concerned about the consequences.”

Pasi Vartiainen, the Regional Director for Northern Finland of Finnvera, corroborated her suspicions, saying that the company had received reports of trip cancellations in various districts across Northern Finland. As a result of the worries instilled in travelers by the war, the same individual stated his concern that “the desire to travel is dwindling across Europe.”

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