Etihad Airways Will Serve Zanzibar Until 2023

Etihad Airways has revealed that it would continue to operate flights between Abu Dhabi and Zanzibar until January 14, 2023 at the earliest.

The service will continue to be provided according to the existing timetable, which calls for it to be carried out three times each week, until November 26, when there will be an addition of a fourth weekly flight until the end of the year.

The flights, which will be operated by contemporary aircraft of the type Airbus A320, will provide tourists more access points to the well-known archipelago in the Indian Ocean at various times during the week.
“Zanzibar is an amazing location, and Etihad looks forward to greeting more travelers on their way to explore the natural splendor of its islands,” said Martin Drew, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Cargo for Etihad.

“Individuals from the United Arab Emirates as well as people from all across Europe, particularly Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy, often book seats on our seasonal flights to Zanzibar. Etihad should cross the 10,000 passenger threshold over the next several weeks if everything goes according to plan.”

This year’s seasonal service to Zanzibar was introduced by Etihad on June 17th, and it was previously slated to run through September 18th, but it has now been extended all the way through 2022.

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