Emirates will keep flying to Russia until its owners tell it not to.

The battle in Ukraine would represent a paradigm change for the world economy and civil aviation, according to Tim Clark.

Emirates, the state-owned airline of Dubai, will continue to fly to Russia until its owners instruct it otherwise, President Tim Clark said on Tuesday.

Because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates has declined to take sides between Western allies and Russia, and has not matched worldwide sanctions placed on Moscow as a result of the attack.

At the World Government Summit, Clark said that they would continue to travel as long as the government of the country in which they reside required them to do so.

“We transport humanitarian supplies in our cargo holds. We have non-governmental organizations (NGOs) going into and out of Russia. At this point, we’ve got the diplomatic community moving in and out of Russia, and all we’re doing is acting as an enabler and facilitator rather than taking a political stance on the matter.”

Later, on the sidelines of the event, he informed reporters that Emirates does not allow any sanctioned products to be transported on its aircraft.

When questioned about sanctioned persons, he responded as follows: “I’m not in a position to disclose who or what specific individuals have been sanctioned. They are sanctioned in the West, but they may or may not be sanctioned in our country.”

In his speech at the conference, Clark said that if the Ukraine war is not addressed quickly, it would result in a paradigm change for the global economy, including civil aviation.

“It is possible to get through this if we deal with the pressure of globalisation and the strain of demand from many areas of the global economy as soon as possible rather than later. In addition, the longer it continues, the more difficult it gets to cope with “he explained.

Following the Covid-19 epidemic, Clark said that Emirates was seeing a revival in demand throughout its network of nations.

In his words, “we’ve been producing profits, we’re quite cash positive, and things have been going really well.”

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