Emirates SkyCargo Boosts Capability With New Freighter

This past weekend, Emirates SkyCargo, a market leader in the field of global airfreight transportation, took receipt of a brand-new Boeing 777F. With this most recent acquisition, the company’s fleet of specialized 777 freighters now numbers 11 aircraft.

A6-EFT took off from Boeing’s Paine Field in Seattle and flew to Hong Kong to pick up its first load of freight before making its landing at its new home, Dubai World Central, on Saturday morning with a full load of freight that included electronics, consumer items, and general cargo.

“Our newest freighter provides welcome capacity to our operations, which have been operating at full speed during the epidemic to service our clients and keep global supply chains flowing,” said Nabil Sultan, Divisional Senior Vice President of Emirates SkyCargo.

” The month of June is when we are expecting to take receipt of our second 777F. And beginning in 2023, we will launch a program to transform four Boeing 777 passenger aircraft into freighters. The program will be completed and all of the converted aircraft will be redelivered by the end of 2024.

“Emirates SkyCargo will continue its journey as one of the world’s largest and best air cargo airlines, by investing in our fleet, our global network, technology, and world-class logistics infrastructure at our Dubai hub,” said the company. “These investments reflect our commitment to serving our customers with the best possible assets, as well as to enabling the movement of vital goods and trade flows through Dubai.”

At this time, Emirates SkyCargo provides scheduled freighter services to a total of 11 different locations. Shippers may also rent cargo belly-hold capacity on Emirates’ passenger fleet of nearly 200 wide-body Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 aircraft. These planes fly to over 130 locations across six continents and serve as Emirates’ primary means of transporting passengers. Over 2.1 million tonnes of goods were transported by Emirates SkyCargo in the previous year.

Emirates SkyCargo provides a variety of clients with a selection of services that have been specifically developed to meet their individual needs. Whether it is perishable cargo such as food items and flowers; certified cool-chain handling for pharmaceutical products; valuables and technology items; cars and industrial items; champion horses and domestic pets; mail and courier items; or general cargo, Emirates SkyCargo has the experience and capabilities with specialized solutions to meet the needs of shippers. General cargo includes items that are not able to be stored at room temperature for an extended period of time.

Since 2009, Emirates SkyCargo has relied heavily on the Boeing 777-F, which was ordered for the first aircraft by the company specifically to fulfill the needs of Emirates SkyCargo. Shipments that are sensitive to time and temperature may be carried quickly and effectively from their point of origin to their final destination because to the range and payload capabilities of the aircraft.

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