EasyJet cancels over 200 flights this weekend due to airport disruption

Approximately 222 flights have been canceled, including 62 planes that were due to depart on Monday.

EasyJet cancels more than 200 flights over the weekend as a result of the turmoil at airports.
Approximately 222 flights have been canceled, including 62 planes that were due to depart on Monday.

Heathrow Airport has experienced delays, according to reports (PA)

Heathrow Airport has experienced delays, according to reports (PA)

Nina Lloyd is a young woman who lives in the United Kingdom.

11:25 a.m. on April 3, 2022

The airline EasyJet has cancelled more than 200 flights over the weekend, stranding some passengers at some of the country’s busiest airports as a result of the travel disruption.

At least 222 flights have been canceled since Friday, according to the airline, which blames the cancellations on personnel shortages caused by Covid.

It said that it had attempted to mitigate personnel shortages by “rostering” more standby crew over the weekend, but that it had been forced to issue “further cancellations for today (Sunday) and tomorrow.”

More than half of the 62 flights planned for Monday have been canceled, the bulk of them were notified at the last minute on Saturday.

In response to the recent high rates of Covid infections throughout Europe, an easyJet representative said that the airline was experiencing higher than average levels of staff illness, similar to that seen by other enterprises.

As a result of the present levels of illness, we have opted to cancel certain flights in advance. These cancellations were focused on aggregating flights where we have numerous frequencies so that customers have more possibilities to rebook their journey, which is typically on the same day.”

It has become essential to cancel some further appointments for today and tomorrow due to unforeseen circumstances. Customer on impacted flights will be refunded in full. We apologize for any difficulty this may cause.

Our pre-emptive cancellations of flights to and from the United Kingdom for tomorrow constitute just a tiny fraction of the entire flying program scheduled for tomorrow, which was expected to include more than 1,645 flight departures and arrivals.

“We were able to cancel the vast majority of them yesterday.

After returning from a ski vacation in the Alps with his family, Simon Rudkins, 50, claimed the airline called him with less than 10 hours notice to inform him that their flight had been canceled.

He informed the PA news agency that his mother, who is 85 years old and suffering from dementia, had accompanied them on the return voyage.

“She becomes really disoriented, and she does not need further stress,” Mr Rudkins said.

As a result of the delay, the independent landscape gardener has had to phone clients who had been expecting him on Monday to explain the situation, and the company will lose money on the contracts, he added.

“We contacted easyJet and inquired about alternate flights.

“It was a straightforward ‘no, there’s nothing, there are no flights at all. As Mr Rudkins continued, “the most you can hope for is to fly out tomorrow.”

“I’m not sure I’d want to fly with easyJet” (again).

No, it was not because they were forced to cancel a flight, but rather because they were unconcerned and provided no reason.”

As the Easter vacation season got underway on Sunday morning, travellers at Heathrow Airport were forced to wait in large lines for the first time in years.

Because to Covid inspections needed by destination nations and “high passenger volumes,” the airport has blamed the bottleneck on “high passenger numbers.”

However, there have been allegations of personnel shortages and technical difficulties with the e-gate passport screenings as visitors flocked to social media to vent their concerns, with some claiming to have waited for hours to board their flights.

In addition, several travelers reported that many of the automated e-gates, which are manned by Border Force and used to process passengers, were not functioning correctly.

A representative from the Home Office has been contacted for comment.

“Due to high passenger traffic and the Covid paperwork checks that are still needed by many end destinations, Terminal 2 departures has encountered considerable congestion today,” stated a Heathrow representative.

“Our staff are working with our airline partners to ensure that travellers are able to go on their flights as soon as possible, and we apologize for any difficulty this may have caused,” the company said.

Manchester Airport has been experiencing similar issues in recent weeks as it has struggled to deal with delays caused by an increase in passenger numbers combined with a lack of airport personnel.

Some passengers who arrived at the airport expressed dissatisfaction with the long lines at the baggage reclaim areas.

Manchester Airport has issued an advisory to travelers, stating that “security lineups may be longer than normal” and urging them to come early for their journey.

“We sincerely regret that customers’ experiences at Manchester Airport have fallen short of the standards that they had anticipated,” they stated.

In the midst of recovering from the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, our whole sector is experiencing employee shortages and recruiting difficulties.

Customers are being advised that security lines may be longer than normal as a consequence of this, and they are encouraged to come at the earliest time indicated by their airline.”

In our business, it takes time for employees to be allowed to begin working because of the security checks and training requirements connected with these positions.

In order to provide the best possible service in the near term, we are investigating a variety of short-term options, including the employment of agency workers and other ways in which current colleagues may assist our operation.

The company says it is aware that other airlines and other companies, such as baggage handling agencies, who operate on our platform are experiencing similar difficulties.

“All of us are working really hard to provide the best service possible under the circumstances and to remedy these difficulties as fast as feasible.”

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