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Once again, the cruise industry has been hit with another dilemma, this time with a 148778-tonne ship that has ran aground in the Dominican Republic, just as passengers were getting ready to return to the virus-infested sea for the first time in many days.
The Norwegian Escape, a megaship that was completed in 2015 and can seat more than 4,000 guests, struck the seabed as it drew away from Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic on Monday, causing damage to the ship’s hull.
The remainder of the trip has been canceled, and guests are being evacuated to Puerto Plata, where they will be returned over the following two days, according to the cruise line.

Travelers will get a full refund for the cancelled trip, as well as a credit for the same amount that may be used to a future cruise adventure.
This is in addition to the cancellation of the next cruise, which was scheduled to sail on March 19.
This was the first stop of the seven-day trip, which began on March 12 in Orlando and ended in Puerto Plata.

The incident, which was caused by wind, was broadcast live on Twitter by passengers aboard. It was discovered that they had been trapped overnight, but they were refloated and brought to port at high tide on Tuesday morning, where they spent the next two days waiting to learn what would happen next while the ship was being investigated.

The Norwegian Escape made touch with the channel bed on the afternoon of March 14, 2022, when it was left Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, during the afternoon of that day. The ship was refloated and returned to the pier at Puerto Plata, where she is still docked, in the early hours of the morning on March 15.
Although there is little damage to the ship’s hull, all passengers and crew members are unharmed. It has been decided that this voyage will be curtailed and that the cruise planned to depart on March 19 will be cancelled to allow for the required repairs to be completed.
It didn’t seem to bother the passengers. One traveler tweeted that “morale is high,” and that they were “making the most of the time we have left here.”

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