Dublin Airport can now charge cars to drop off and pick up passengers.

Motorists who drop off and pick up friends and relatives at Dublin Airport will have to pay to do so after the airport’s operator received approval to establish a new paid drop-off and pick-up zone near the terminal building.

To allow for the implementation of the new paid zones program at T1 and T2 terminals, Fingal County Council granted planning permission to DAA to install infrastructure and alter internal roadways at the airport, which was approved by the council.

A spokesman for the airport said yesterday that the decision to charge motorists to drop-off and pick-up family members and friends is part of the airport’s commitment to sustainability.

In keeping with our sustainability objective, the new approach intends to reduce the number of car trips to and from the airport while also encouraging travelers to take advantage of public transportation more frequently.

“As part of the new system, commercial funds raised will be earmarked for sustainability initiatives at the airport, such as a proposed solar farm, the conversion of our car park and staff shuttle bus fleets from diesel to low-emission vehicles, and the installation of more electric vehicle charging stations.”

According to a spokesperson, “a free drop-off and pick-up option will be available once the new zones have been implemented at a new dedicated location in the Express Red long-term parking lot.”

It is planned to make particular accommodations for persons who have limited mobility.

According to the spokeswoman, the system will not be operational for the upcoming summer season and will be completed in the second half of 2022.

It is necessary to use the development site for the building of MetroLink, so the authorization for significant components of the scheme is granted for a five-year period.

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