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Do Planes Allow Razors 5 Things Prohibited From Handbags

Airports have regulations regarding passengers’ carry-on bags to ensure passengers’ safety and security. However, this does imply that several personal goods are not permitted aboard airplanes. Because of limits on carry-on baggage, preparing for a long-awaited vacation may be a stressful experience. In addition to ensuring that their carry-on luggage adhere to the specified weight and dimensions, passengers also have the responsibility of ensuring that they do not include any prohibited goods.

The government specifies a number of “sharp and restricted goods” that are not allowed in carry-on baggage. These items include knives and other potentially dangerous objects.

However, this may give rise to certain problems with regard to personal things such as razors.

Even if you are going on vacation with just carry-on baggage, there is no need for you to spend it looking disheveled. The good news is that this is not necessary. Even if razor blades are prohibited, disposable razors may still be used in certain circumstances.

According to information provided by Gov.uk, travelers are only permitted to bring razor blades with fixed cartridges in their carry-on baggage.

According to Gillette, “You are permitted to carry disposable razors in your hand baggage as long as they are still in their packaging.” This policy applies only to razors that are still in their original packaging.

“You are also permitted to bring electric razors in your carry-on baggage; but, depending on the policies of the airport about electrical goods, you may be required to remove them from your bag before to passing it through the security scanner.”

It is required that you carry any disposable razors in your carry-on baggage for the length of the journey. However, razor blades are included on the list of sharp objects that are not allowed since they are forbidden.

There are a total of five prohibited items for carry-on bags.

Razor blades

It is prohibited to bring razor blades or any other kind of double-edged blade into airplanes. This policy applies to all types of blades.
Only razors that have blades that are completely and permanently encased, as well as razor cartridges, are permitted in carry-on baggage at Gatwick Airport.

Several lighters in total

On board each aircraft, passengers are only allowed to bring one personal item with them at a time.
However, according to Gov.uk, lighters are not allowed to be carried in hand baggage at any time.
Instead, the government of the United Kingdom said that passengers who choose to fly with a lighter must “place it in a plastic liquid bag and have it on their person at all times.”


According to Gov.uk, you are allowed to bring several types of scissors in your hand baggage.

The government has indicated that “small scissors with blades no longer than six centimeters” are acceptable both in hand baggage and in hold luggage. The length of the blades cannot exceed six centimeters.

Larger scissors with blades that are longer than six centimeters are not permitted in carry-on baggage, however they could be allowed in checked luggage, depending on the airline that you are flying with.

Scissors with rounded tips or blunt points are permitted in cabin luggage.


Knives that have a blade that is either sharp or pointed, or that is longer than six centimeters, are not allowed in carry-on baggage. It’s possible that your airline may let you check these items as hold baggage under certain circumstances. Before packing any sharp objects, Gov.uk recommended checking in with your individual carrier to get their advice.


If you want to take a corkscrew with you on your vacation, you should be sure to put it in your checked baggage rather than your carry-on. When traveling through airports in the United Kingdom with hand baggage, travelers are not permitted to have corkscrews in their possession because of government laws.

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