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Disney Parks Reintroduce Mickey Hugging

Because of the epidemic, costumed characters at Disney theme parks in the United States have been keeping a safe distance from guests for over two years. They haven’t been allowed to offer hugs, sign autographs, or connect with fans up up and personal because of the ban.

That is going to change in a few weeks, when the theme parks reinstate classic character welcomes to their attractions. Personal contact between guests and costumed characters will be permitted again at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and on Disney cruises as early as mid-April, according to a blog post published by the business on its website.

In spring 2020, the parks will be closed for a period of time due to the coronavirus. The next summer, when the parks reopened, costumed figures could only be seen waving from a distance in the parks or during parades, and they were no longer there. Guests were only permitted to interact with the costumed characters and have their photographs taken from a distance last autumn, when the parks allowed them to return to various areas throughout the parks for customized meet-and-greets with visitors.

It was announced in the article that “very soon, you will be able to embrace Mickey Mouse, receive an autograph from Mulan, and enjoy a laugh with Goofy” will be available again. In addition, we know that many of you have missed these unique times, and we know that your Disney character friends have missed you as well!”

According to the corporation, not all of the customary venues for character greetings will be available immediately now. In stages, they will be reopened.

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