Disney and Carnival Cruise Lines are the first to return to Cayman.

(1:35 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time) — Cayman Islands cruise ships have resumed sailings for the first time since the epidemic shut down sailings two years ago, bringing one of the last major cruise ports in the Caribbean back online.

Among the first ships to dock in Grand Cayman on Tuesday was the Disney Magic, which was followed by three Carnival ships, which docked on Wednesday and Thursday: the Carnival Paradise, the Carnival Sunrise, and the Carnival Glory.

In a tweet, Governor Martyn Keith Roper of the Cayman Islands described the return of cruise ships as “a huge milestone for the Cayman Islands’ tourist economy.”

In his statement, he expressed gratitude for the chances and restoration of livelihood for many tourist workers who are reliant on this component of our industry as we continue to progressively reduce laws and open our borders while coexisting with Covid-19.

As Carnival Cruise Line’s president, Christine Duffy expressed excitement at the company’s decision to return to Grand Cayman and provide passengers the chance to enjoy all of the port’s splendor once again. “On behalf of Carnival, I’d want to personally thank all of our partners in Grand Cayman for their efforts in collaborating with us to make this opportunity a reality.”

There are a total of 21 ships planned to stop on Grand Cayman between April 1 and April 17, according to the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism. The cruise lines include Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruises, MSC Cruises, and Princess Cruises.

Following the cruise calls, the government announced a gradual resumption of cruise travel at the end of February, which would be completed by the end of March.

A total of 75,000 people will be permitted to enter the port at one time during the first phase of reopening, which is expected to last four weeks. Cruise ships stopping on Grand Cayman will be limited to carrying up to 40 percent of their regular capacity during the first phase of reopening.

All travelers arriving on the island of Grand Cayman are required to be completely vaccinated. Unvaccinated children under the age of 12 may only depart if they are accompanied by an adult who has received all necessary vaccinations.

Cayman authorities stated that when the ships return to port over the next month, they would analyze and revise the cruise safety standards and capacity limitations in place.

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