Delta Opens Donation Channels For Customers After $1m Ukraine Donation

Delta recently contributed $1 million to the American Red Cross and the Global Red Cross Movement to aid with the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, and it is now providing a chance for its customers to contribute to a worthy cause as well.

The American Red Cross will receive the miles donated by SkyMiles members who want to join Delta in its efforts to assist persons impacted by the Ukraine conflict. Delta will convert any given miles into money in order to assist in providing humanitarian assistance to individuals impacted by the Ukraine issue.” according to a news statement.

NGOs reacting to the crisis in Ukraine, such as the American Red Cross and UNICEF, may be found in this area, and travelers can get in touch with them. People have the option of dividing their gifts among up to five different groups.

The website of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies may be used to make donations from persons living outside of the United States of America.

According to Delta, donations made via the airline are utilized for the following purposes:

A total of more over 90,000 food and hygiene supplies have been sent to families who have fled throughout Ukraine, including Mariupol.
A total of more than 12,000 individuals received first aid training at metro stations and bomb shelters.
More than 32 tons of food, blankets, medication, medical supplies, trauma kits, and other household necessities were sent to the affected areas.

providing assistance to those who are unable to evacuate on their own
More than 7,000 individuals took refuge in bunkers as a result of shelling, and vital supplies were sent to them.

According to Tad Hutcheson, Delta’s Managing Director of Community Engagement, “the most important way to help is through financial contributions, as the American Red Cross as well as the Global Red Cross Movement have the resources and infrastructure to obtain and deliver goods, supplies, and trained volunteers to the places and people who need it the most.”

As reported by the American Red Cross, there are enormous demands right now, with the most critical being water distribution, assistance for health-care institutions, and medical treatment for injured relatives of those who have died.

Bruno Varillion, the station manager at Delta Station, stated, “Our people’s hearts are large, and their desire to provide assistance to these migrants is unlimited.”

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