Delta Cuts Routes To 5 Cities This Fall

Airline Delta just announced that it has formally canceled flights to five destinations throughout the United States, with the affected flights being grounded beginning this Fall. Delta’s announcement is just the latest in a long, growing list of airlines around the world that have made the decision to reduce their overall route offerings in recent months, as airlines continue to scale back their operations and prioritize their services as a result of a difficult period for the aviation industry following the pandemic’s elimination of non-essential routes.

Despite the fact that Delta, the third-largest airline in the United States, is planning to eliminate routes, the carrier has also just announced some expansions to its total flight roster.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at which routes will be impacted by Delta’s newest route reduction announcements, as well as a look back at the airline’s recent additions to its flight schedule.

Itineraries for Travelers on the Delta Cut Routes

The epidemic has been extremely difficult for the aviation sector, as it has been for other enterprises throughout the globe. Several air routes that were not among the most popular or profitable have been slashed by airlines across the country as a result of Covid-19-related pilot shortages and travelers following advice to stay at home. As a result, only 80 percent of the flight routes scheduled for 2019 are now available for travelers to take this year.

Even large airlines, such as Delta, have been compelled to make cutbacks, as seen by the news made this week. Delta has announced that they would be reducing flights to five destinations during the month of September, as previously reported. New York’s Albany, Rochester, and Syracuse are among the cities that will be impacted by the route reductions, which also include flights to Providence, Rhode Island, and Houston, Texas as well as other destinations.

Delta will cease operating flights between its Minneapolis-St. Paul main airport and the cities of Albany and Rochester on September 6th, with flights between Minneapolis and Syracuse being discontinued on September 12th. In addition to cutting Delta’s links to New York, this will also make it more difficult for passengers to travel on the route. Several of Delta’s rivals may have more extensive ties than Delta.

Additionally, Delta will be discontinuing its flights from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Providence, Rhode Island, beginning on September 5th, which might be a further blow to passengers who rely on the route. To the delight of passengers, the option of traveling directly from Minneapolis to Providence is still available with Sun Country Airlines, which runs four direct flights between the two airports each week. The airline will terminate its fifth and final route, which will be between John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York and Houston, Texas, beginning on September 12.

As is often the case with airline route reductions at rural airports, the decision has been taken mostly owing to a lack of demand for the services. In response, a representative for the airline said, “We continue to evaluate and change our flight schedules and route network depending on customer demand,” which implies that other route cutbacks may be on the horizon in the foreseeable future.

Delta, on the other hand, hasn’t just been cutting costs; the airline has also lately launched a number of new, interesting routes for customers to take advantage of. Delta said earlier this year that it will be increasing the number of flights between the United States and Hawaii beginning in November, as well as introducing several additional transatlantic flights for anyone wishing to go a little farther this summer.

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