Delaware Is Great Place To Work From Home In The U.S.

Thus according WalletHub, an individual economic website, Delaware is one of the finest states for remote job opportunities.

A number of significant criteria were used to evaluate each state and the District of Columbia, however a few additional aspects, such as cost of living, were also evaluated.

After New Jersey and the District of Columbia, Delaware was ranked third in the state.

In WalletHub’s opinion, the following indicators were particularly significant –

Internet costs are ranked from lowest to highest.
The average retail price of electricity is compared to the lowest and highest prices available.
Those with the highest and lowest levels of cybersecurity
Comparing the highest against lowest proportion of homes having internet connection, the highest versus lowest share of prospective telecommuters, and the highest versus lowest share of the population working from home prior to COVID-19.

Delaware did not rank in the top five in any of the categories listed above. Nonetheless, it was nowhere near the bottom of the list in any category.

When evaluating states, WalletHub utilized a weighted average to take into account all of the indicators.

Its advantages in the work-from-home arena enabled it to outperform states that performed well in some areas but badly in others.

According to the Census Bureau, Massachusetts had the highest rate of internet access, but it also had the highest average retail price of electricity, putting it two spots below Delaware, which was ranked third overall.

Despite the fact that New Hampshire had the best cybersecurity, the state’s internet charges were prohibitively expensive, causing it to fall to a middling 25th position overall.

The following are some of the other metrics that WalletHub employs:

Per capita and per home, the average square footage is
The proportion of single-family detached homes
The average square footage of a residence

The proportion of for-sale properties on lots larger than 1,000 square feet.

The proportion of for-sale properties that have swimming pools

When the COVID-19 epidemic drove many workers to remain at home, remote employment became more widespread. Although its importance seems to be waning, it does not appear to be fading anytime soon.

Many employees find working from home to be an incomparable convenience, and companies have had to adjust as a result of the large number of employees who refuse to return to the office.

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