Crew Shortages Delay Many Indigo Flights

On July 2, more than half of IndiGo’s flights were affected by delays as a result of a lack of sufficient cabin personnel to maintain operations. Only 45.2% of flights on India’s major airline were on time, according to their reports. The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has requested an explanation from the airline on the reporting of such dreadful statistics. Continue our research, shall we?

More than half of all flights each day are behind schedule.

As a result of many workers calling in ill on Saturday, IndiGo was unable to run flights with the necessary number of cabin staff. As a direct consequence of this, less than half of all IndiGo flights on July 2 were delayed, with several experiencing significant delays. IndiGo, which is also the biggest airline in India, runs around 1,600 flights per day with the assistance of an active fleet that includes more than 250 narrow-body aircraft. Out of them, around 900 flights were impacted in some way.

The Economic Times, a local news outlet, reportedly discovered that a significant number of IndiGo cabin crew personnel phoned in ill so that they could attend an Air India recruiting drive that was taking place on the same day. In point of fact, the Indian flag carrier is now engaged in large recruiting efforts around the nation while also providing existing workers with voluntary retirement options. Following the Tata family’s purchase of the Maharaja earlier this year, all of this is a normal part of the hotel’s ongoing transformation.

It should not come as a surprise that there is a lot of competition for employment at Air India given that the Tata Group has a strong reputation in India for being an employer that values its staff members and strives to provide positive working conditions across all of its operations. The second round of AI’s recruiting campaign took place this past Saturday. Earlier in the day, the airline was also looking to recruit pilots to work on the Airbus A320 family of aircraft. In addition, the new owners have shown an interest in purchasing Airbus A350 wide-body planes for the purpose of expanding the company even more over the course of the next several years.

The mood was much more upbeat on Sunday.

IndiGo had a nightmare on Saturday, but Sunday showed much better results in terms of the airline’s ability to keep flights on schedule. IndiGo has made a great comeback, with 71.8 percent of its flights departing and arriving on time, according to data provided by the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation. Despite this improvement, IndiGo remains substantially behind its rivals. In contrast, Air India had an amazing 86.4 percent on-time arrival rate, while SpiceJet had 90.1%, Vistara had 93.3 percent, AirAsia India had 95.6 percent, and Go First had an astounding 97 percent.

Other airlines, on the other hand, seemed to be unscathed by the chaos that occurred at IndiGo on Saturday. According to data from July 2nd, AirAsia India is ranked first for having the highest percentage of on-time flights (92.3 percent), followed by Go First with 88 percent, Vistara with 86.3 percent, SpiceJet with 80.4 percent, and Air India with 77.1 percent.

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