China Lifts Covid Ban After 2 Years Uncertainty Surrounds India Flights

After a two-year embargo due to the COVID-19 epidemic, China has begun allowing foreign flights again, but there is no news yet on the return of air services to India. This is despite the fact that Beijing dropped a visa prohibition for Indian professionals and their families only one month ago.

Official media reported recently that China is further streamlining procedures for those arriving in the country after reducing the quarantine time for inbound travelers from the previous two days to seven days in designated hotels followed by three days of isolation at home. This comes after China reduced the quarantine time to seven days in designated hotels followed by two days of isolation at home.

According to the state-controlled Global Times, the policy has resulted in a significant rise in the number of flights between China and other countries, most notably the United States, as well as in the number of people leaving the country. The newspaper interpreted this development as a sign that China was further opening its borders to the rest of the world.

China has made one of the most significant adjustments since the COVID-19 pandemic, as its embassies and consulates in 125 countries have announced policies to streamline procedures for people entering the Chinese mainland, it was stated. Additionally, 2,025 inbound passenger flights were set to resume as of the beginning of this week. According to the information provided, there have not been any regular routes between China and India since November 2020, and there have not been any flights between the two countries that have been declared as of yet.

Indian professionals and their families who have been working in various Chinese cities but have been unable to travel to China because there are no flights between the two countries had a two-year visa ban lifted by Beijing last month. However, their ability to travel to China remains difficult because there are no flights between the two countries. In addition, China is processing the list of hundreds of Indian students who wish to go back to their institutions in India after studying abroad.

According to reports, COVID visa limitations have forced more than 23,000 Indian students, the vast majority of whom are studying medical, to return home. In response to a request from China for a list of pupils who were interested in attending school as soon as possible, India sent China with a list that included several hundred children.

In the last two weeks, stranded students from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Russia, and a variety of other nations have been coming on leased planes. It has been stated that Beijing is looking through the student lists for Indian universities. China has given restricted permission for aviation services to be provided to a number of the nations that are located in its immediate neighborhood, including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal.

In the meanwhile, Indian professionals and their families who have began the process of obtaining Chinese visas in India so that they might return to China have begun to complain that they are unable to fly to China since there are no flights. They claim that traveling via third nations is very costly, to the point that it is prohibitive for most people. According to officials from both nations, discussions are apparently taking place to restore certain restricted flights.

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