China Bans Tourism Adding To Shanghai’s Lockdown

Tourists are not permitted to enter China; only natives of the country and foreign people with proper residency permits, as well as certain special forms of visas, are permitted to do so.

To enter the country, all visitors must consent to a three-week quarantine and a battery of intrusive COVID-19 testing. (See the section below.)

Travelers travelling from countries where new strains of the virus have been detected, such as the United Kingdom and South Africa, are required to undergo four nucleic acid tests before entering the country. Members of their home will also be expected to participate in the exams.

In Shanghai, the authorities chose to do the exact opposite of what the rest of the world was expecting them to do: they opted to announce the relaxation of restriction measures in the city.

A system of electronic door alarms has been established to prevent infected persons from leaving their houses, as well as to evacuate people so that their homes may be sanitized.

According to the Shanghai Municipal Government, all infected patients and their close contacts are being sent to a central quarantine facility maintained by the Chinese government.

Residents in Beicai have been issued an official warning to pack their possessions and leave their closet doors unlocked.

Also urged to leave their front doors open and to leave their dogs at home was the practice of leaving front doors open.

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