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Can You Traverse The World’s Longest Suspension Bridge

Do you believe you have what it takes to walk over the footbridge that is the longest in the world? Crossing the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge should be something that adventure seekers who have a healthy respect for heights and a taste for excitement include into their future travel plans. The Sky Bridge 721, which spans 721 meters (2365 feet) and constructed very recently in Dolni Morava, Czech Republic, is about three hours by car from Prague.

The trip is a one-way journey that begins at the Slamnka Chalet and ends on the slope of Chlum Hill. It is supported by six main ropes and sixty wind ropes, which together serve to maintain stability. At its highest point, you will be suspended 95 meters (311 feet) above ground level with breathtaking views of the Jesenky Mountains that surround you. The region known as Dolni Morava may be found between the peaks of the Kralicky Sneznk mountain range, not far from the border with Poland.

The whole journey over the bridge

The bridge has the capacity to accommodate up to 500 passengers at once. After you have finished crossing the bridge, you will be led along the 2 kilometer long The Bridge of Time route that is part of the attraction. The trail is a fun and instructive feature that includes instructional panels and a game that you can play using augmented reality.

The construction of the bridge took place over the course of two years and around 8.3 million dollars. The previous world record for longest bridge was held by the 516-meter-long Arouca bridge in Portugal, however this new bridge breaks that record.

What you have to be aware of about Sky Bridge 721 before going there

It is required that you book your tickets online in advance for your wonderful bridge excursion. Be sure to check the forecast and pay attention to any wind warnings; if the wind speed surpasses 84 miles per hour, the bridge will be shut down for safety reasons.

Behind the Slamnka mountain lodge, close to where the higher station of the Snnk chairlift is located, is where the entry to the bridge can be found. Visitors have the option of taking the chairlift to the entrance, walking or biking the four kilometer route that runs down the slopes from the Wellness Hotel Vista to the entry gate, or using the chairlift.

It is estimated that it will take around one and a half hours to finish both the educational path and the interactive game at Sky Bridge 721.

The Sky Walk is the second noteworthy item that you should see.

The Sky Walk is a spiral-shaped walkway that is 710 meters long and features numerous attractions that are designed to give visitors a rush of adrenaline. Some of these attractions include a hanging net and a spiral slide. The bridge is situated in the same resort as the Sky Walk.

Both of these locations are located inside the Dolni Morava Mountain Resort, which is also home to further information and a location where bookings may be made.

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