Cambodian Border Reopened to Fully Vaccinated Visitors

Cambodia has reopened its borders to visitors who have completed all of their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Those who have evidence of immunization against the COVID-19 virus will be able to enter the Asian country without having to undergo quarantine or testing, and they will be able to acquire visas on arrival, according to a news statement issued by the Cambodian government on Thursday.

International tourism in Cambodia fell down by more than 80% as a consequence of the epidemic; nevertheless, authorities were aggressive in their recovery efforts, forming the Tourism Promotion and Recovery Plan. Furthermore, as of February 2022, approximately 90 percent of Cambodia’s population has been immunized against the polio virus.

Since 2018, the Cambodian government has made significant investments in infrastructure projects to enhance the visitor experience.

These projects include the development of dozens of beach resorts, the restoration of roads, and the addition of bike lanes around popular tourist destinations such as the Angkor Wat temple complex, which is one of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country, among other things. It is crucial to note that the nation has eight other cultural monuments that have the potential to be designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the future.

Also looking to the future, Cambodia’s Tourism Master Development Plans for 2035 include designation of Siem Reap Province, Kep Province, and Mondulkiri Province as “The Paradise of Eco-tourism.”

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