Botswana Hoping To Attract More Israeli Visitors

Botswana is hopeful that Israel would assist in the recovery of tourism and the influx of new visitors to the nation. An Israeli charter airline made its way into the nation earlier this month.
The aircraft, which was operated by Arkia Airlines, touched down at Kasane International Airport on March 7 with 120 passengers on board.

According to a source from Botswana, the airline is investigating the prospect of establishing a regular service to the nation. The director of Another World Israel suggested that Botswana, which is accessible to Israeli people without a visa, would be an outstanding addition to the company’s tour offers.

Tourism Update spoke with James Wilson, Sales and Marketing Director of Desert & Delta Safaris, who said the following:

“Israel had one of the fastest COVID-19 vaccine roll-outs in the world, and when traditional markets, such as the United Kingdom and most of Europe, placed Botswana on their travel warning list, the Israelis were prepared to travel there as well. EL AL launched its inaugural route to Rwanda in November 2020, marking the airline’s first international flight. Botswana was another country that we hoped to accomplish something similar with.”

In a statement, Wilson said that the charter trip had been originally planned for 2021 but had been cancelled due to COVID-19 constraints and had been rescheduled for March 2022.”

It was a close call since our (Botswana’s) COVID-19 entry and departure regulations were generating some anxiety, but the journey was successful in the end. With any luck, we will be able to collaborate on future charter flights out of Israel.” He was unable to provide an estimate of the number of passengers on board or the frequency of flights at this time.

The procedure was as follows: Another World Israel collaborated with Desert & Delta Safaris, which served as the ground handler for the charter aircraft, to create the itinerary.

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