Are the Il-86 and TU-214 safe

S7 Airlines said that it has “completely finished with maintenance” on one of its Il-86 aircraft, which will resume flying flights from Novosibirsk to Moscow and St. Petersburg on March 30, according to the company. In accordance with the Foreign Aircraft Replacement Program, the type will be brought back into service after nine years in storage.

Prior to the commencement of the special military operation in Ukraine, S7 flew aircraft from the manufacturers Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer, among others. In the wake of Western-imposed sanctions on Iran, the airline’s use of such devices has grown more problematic: the supply of replacement parts as well as the updating of navigation databases have been slowed or halted entirely.

This is a relatively modern aircraft, having been constructed in 1988». Panorama spoke with Vladislav Filev, the CEO of S7 Airlines. He went on to say that, “despite the fact that it hasn’t been used in nine years, the aircraft has been maintained at the airport, so it still has a long serviceable life ahead of it.” It is possible that the equipment may continue to fly for six to eight years, after which «we will replace it with something,» he said. Finally, he concluded by stating that all tickets for the Il-86’s first flight had already been sold out.

The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency committed to provide the aircraft’s airworthiness certificate as quickly as feasible after receiving the aircraft’s certification. Inspectors will not do any checks on the technical state of the equipment in order to avoid delaying its admission into the production line; instead, they will restrict themselves to merely examining the serial numbers of the equipment’s components. Cleaning graffiti out of the cockpit and removing debris from the engines were the most challenging tasks for the S7 engineers, according to their own accounts.

Yury Borisov, Russian Federation Deputy Prime Minister, said during a visit to the Tupolev facility in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, that the prospects for resuming Tu-214 production were “quite excellent.” Borisov was referring to plans to restart Tu-214 manufacturing. «It is imperative that appropriate quantities of indigenous models be produced again,» the president said, adding that A reintroduction of the Tu-214, which is being built in limited quantities for government operators, might result in it being used for commercial transportation.

The Tu-214 was first presented on March 21, 1996, as a version of the Tu-204, which had been in production since 1990 and was designed to be more maneuverable. This type, which can transport up to 210 passengers across a maximum distance of 4,340 kilometers, serves a comparable function to the Boeing 757 in terms of range and range efficiency.

After becoming the first customer of the type in 2001, Dalavia Airlines began utilizing it to fly from Khabarovsk to destinations including Moscow and the Far East countries of Japan, China, Singapore, and South Korea. Rossiya, on the other hand, employed a dozen Tu-214s to fly passengers from Moscow to destinations including as India, Israel, and Mongolia.

Depending on whether or not the program is restarted, the Tu-214 might be upgraded to the standard Tu-214SM. This project will attempt to incorporate improvements from the most sophisticated version of the family, the Tu-204SM, and put them into practice on the Tu-214. This particular form of the kind was first announced in December 2010, however the project was discontinued in 2019 and no more development has been recorded since then.

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