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April 1 South Korea Will Permit Quarantine-free Travel

The Republic of Korea will begin permitting fully vaccinated tourists from throughout the globe to enter and travel around the nation on April 1 without being subjected to quarantine restrictions.

The statement was made on the official tourist website of the nation, Imagine Your Korea, and was made public on social media. Exemptions from the quarantine may be granted for those who have gotten their final dose of a complete COVID-19 immunization regimen within the previous six months or who have received their booster injection after completing their entire course of the vaccine.

Q-CODE requires travelers to upload their vaccine records before entering Korea, as well as other information such as their passport number and entry information including airline, departure country, phone number, and other details; the program will provide people who submit their vaccination records with a QR code, which they must scan upon entry.

Visitors from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Myanmar are still required to quarantine for seven days, according to the new quarantine-free entrance regulation. The notification did not explain why tourists from these countries are still required quarantine for seven days under the new rule.

South Korea has exploded onto the global tourist scene, thanks in large part to its entertainment industry, which has captivated millions of people through the songs of Korean pop groups such as BTZ or ATEEZ, as well as its abundance of Korean dramas, most notably “Squid Game,” which topped Netflix’s most-watched list back in 2021 and continues to do so today.

Virtual reality tours of South Korea’s most amazing places are now available for travelers to enjoy, ranging from the country’s Changdeokgung Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the filming locations for the historical K-drama “Kingdom,” to a K-pop tour of the city’s Gangnam district, which is currently available.

The utilization of popular culture and technology by the Korea Tourism Organization will assist to disseminate enthusiasm about the country, resulting in an increase in the number of foreign passengers as the government relaxes some of its admission rules.

Specialty travel agents that specialize in Asia or who sell mostly to younger generations should be particularly mindful of this recent shift in entrance restrictions to South Korea and the possible surge of customers who want to vacation there.

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