Airports That Will Be The Best For Travelers In 2022, Ranked

The experience of spending time at any airport may be unpleasant, but it can be made much worse when operations are chaotic, wait times are prolonged, and goods or services are in low supply. Access to certain utilities is also important in making the trip more enjoyable, which is something that is often overlooked.

According to the findings of new study commissioned by, the world’s finest airports for passengers in 2022 will be situated in the United States, with five of the top ten airports being located in that country.

The travel insurance company looked at 50 of the world’s largest airports and evaluated them based on a variety of characteristics, including on-time flight performance, parking and transfer charges, transfer timings, and the amount of stores and restaurants on-site. The results were published on the firm’s blog. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent travel restrictions, 2019 data was used for these calculations in order to prevent statistics being influenced by the epidemic.

We’ve included the findings of’s study, as well as the scores and rankings provided to each—as well as the winners in each category—so you’ll know what to anticipate the next time your travels take you to that location.

The World’s Most Admired Airports in Every Category

Airport Score (out of 10)

  1. Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 8.32
  2. Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan 8.03
  3. Mexico City International Airport, Mexico 7.4
  4. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, United States of America 7.34
  5. Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia (score: 6.87 out of 10)
  6. Frankfurt International Airport (Germany) 6.84
  7. Charlotte Douglas International Airport, (Charlotte, North Carolina, United States) 6.61
  8. Orlando International Airport, United States 6.32
  9. International Airport (Dallas/Fort Worth) in the United States 6.15
  10. Miami International Airport, United States of America 6.05

The airports with the fewest delayed flights are shown below.

Potential flight delays are among the most inconvenient aspects of traveling by air, and they may result in a variety of severe travel glitches, ranging from missed airline connections to missing your own wedding.

Listed below are the top ten worldwide airports with the fewest aircraft delays (as measured by planes departing at least 15 minutes late):

Airport Total Passengers (2019) On-time Performance

  1. Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan 85.5 million 86.4 percent
  2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the United States 110.5 million 82.6 percent
  3. Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 68.3 million 82.0 percent
  4. George Bush International Airport in the United States (tied) 45.0 million 80.4 percent
  5. Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain (tied) 61.7 million 80.4 percent
  6. Narita International Airport, Japan (tied) 44.3 million 80.4 percent
  7. Mexico City International Airport, Mexico 50.3 million 80.3 percent
  8. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Arizona, USA 46.3 million 80.2 percent
  9. Los Angeles International Airport, United States of America 88.1 million 80.0 percent
  10. Charlotte Douglas International Airport, USA (tied) 50.2 million 79.2 percent
  11. Miami International Airport, USA (tied) 45.9 million 79.2 percent

In addition, below are some of the top selections in some of the specific classifications:

The busiest airport in the world on a global scale

Hartsfield–Jackson The Atlanta International Airport is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Pre-pandemic In a single year, Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport witnessed 110.5 million people travel through its terminals. Delta, one of the world’s biggest airlines, has its headquarters at the main gateway airport, which was serving more than 200 destinations with over 1,000 flights per day prior to the epidemic.

The Airport with the Most Reasonably Priced Parking

Singapore Changi Airport – US$24.96 for a week’s worth of travel.

The airport with the greatest number of dining options

There are 264 eateries at Seoul Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

The best airport for shopping is Heathrow.

Mexico City International Airport has 226 stores, according to the airport website.

The airport that is the most convenient to its nearest city

The expected cab transfer time from Mexico City International Airport to downtown is seven minutes.

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