AirAsia Continues To Vietnam Via Kuala Lumpur

Because there is an increased demand for travel to Nha Trang and Da Lat in Vietnam, AirAsia has decided to resume flight operations to those destinations on July 8 and 10.

The coming back

Riad Asmat, the CEO of AirAsia, was quoted as saying:

“Since the majority of nations in the area have finally started allowing tourists back in, more people are taking vacations and going on trips. By resuming service on these well traveled routes inside Vietnam, AirAsia is ecstatic to be able to contribute to the revitalization of the country’s tourist sector.

“It’s time for our guests to either choose to immerse themselves in the lush pine forests, lakes, and waterfalls of the “City of Eternal Spring,” Da Lat, or explore and revisit the coastal town of Nha Trang, which is known for its calming breezes and delicious seafood. Alternatively, our guests can choose to visit Nha Trang. In Vietnam, travelers may always find something that suits their interests!

“Both the airline and our passengers have been waiting patiently for the resumption of flying service between Kuala Lumpur and Vietnam for quite some time. We would also want to extend our gratitude to the government of Vietnam for making it less difficult for foreigners to travel to and enter the country.

“We will work together with the governments of both Malaysia and Vietnam to generate further chances to assist boost economic recovery in both areas,” the statement said.

The conditions outlined in COVID-19 must be adhered to by anybody going to Vietnam. Travelers who have received all of their vaccinations are exempt from having to do any COVID pre-departure testing in order to enter the country.

In addition to being covered by COVID-19 insurance, the passengers are obliged to have a mobile application ready to record any symptoms they have upon their arrival in the country. It is not necessary to live a solitary existence in Vietnam.


It is encouraging to see that AirAsia is moving rapidly to meet the growing demand for their services. Because they are not constrained by personnel shortages or any other external issues that might restrict their air operations, the rapid reaction is an indication of a healthy airline that is operating in a healthy airport. This indicates that the airline and the airport are both in good health.

They are not only helping to stimulate their own economies, but also the economies of Vietnam and Cambodia, both of which have suffered since the epidemic first began. It is well on its way to making a full recovery with regard to its tourist sector, particularly now that the summer season has begun.

It is reasonable to anticipate that, now that they have reopened their routes to Vietnam, the flights will provide a significant economic boost to Vietnam on account of the fact that they are catering to a region that has a strong demand for the services they provide.

After two years of adjusting to the new challenges posed by the COVID virus, the industry has found that adjusting to these new challenges is much simpler than it was in the beginning. This is extremely accurately represented in announcements like this one, since the departure times for the planes are just a small amount of time away.

It should be noted that even though it looks great, there must have been a lot of planning beforehand to announce this. Of course, there is no denying that flights to Vietnam are being served quickly after the announcement, but it should be noted that even though it looks great, there must have been a lot of planning beforehand.

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