Air Senegal Intentions Of Operating Its Airbus A220s In Europe

On its route from West Africa to Europe, Air Senegal will use the A220. According to a source close to the airline, the A220-300 will be stationed in Barcelona after being used by Air Senegal to transport passengers between its Dakar base and European destinations. It will not take place right away, but most likely it will take place over the summer. This comes as the national airline of Senegal is increasing the number of flights it operates to the Spanish city.

The distance from Dakar to Barcelona is becoming more and further apart.

Air Senegal has revealed that it will begin flying to Barcelona on Tuesdays beginning on June 21st, after the announcement of the new route. This implies that there will now be three services each week along the route. It comes as Lyon, which is serviced through Marseille, is rising from three times weekly to four times weekly as of June 28.

At this time, all flights to and from Barcelona will be serviced by Airbus A319s having a total capacity of 120 passengers, including 18 business class seats and 108 economy class seats. The following is the agenda beginning on the 21st of June, with all timings shown in local time:

HC423, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 3:15 to 10:10 (a total of 4 hours and 55 minutes of block time).

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 11:25-14:25 (5 hours) aboard the HC424 from Barcelona to Dakar

Air Senegal began service to Barcelona in December 2019, beginning with flights aboard an A330-900 that traveled from Dakar to Marseille to Barcelona and back to Dakar twice weekly.

Since that time, Barcelona has been reached by a variety of routes, including Dakar–Marseille–Barcelona–Dakar, Dakar–Barcelona–Marseille–Barcelona, Dakar–Casablanca–Barcelona, and nonstop service in both directions. It has been flown by the A330, the A321, and the A319, and now it will be flown by yet another Airbus model.

The A220 will be taken in order to arrive at Barcelona.

While Barcelona will continue to make use of the A319 for the time being, the A220 will eventually become its primary aircraft. Air Senegal only owns one A220 at this time, and it was delivered to the airline in December of last year. The aircraft is registered as 6V-AOA.

The A220-300s operated by Air Senegal each contain 133 seats, with eight in business class (with a seat pitch of 38 inches) and 125 in economy (32″). They will have a much lower fuel consumption compared to the A319 and provide 11 percent greater seating capacity each departure. The capacity is comparable to that of the A319 and the A321.

As a result of switching Barcelona from the A319 to the A220, there will be 56 percent fewer business class seats available, but there will be 16 percent more economy class seats. Given that the majority of customers in this market are Senegalese and members of the larger West African diaspora, it will be fascinating to see how the economics of route shift in response to the new type and configuration of the aircraft.

Additional orders for seven A220s have been placed by Air Senegal. It is possible that in the future it would employ the smaller Airbus to start additional European routes, such as Geneva (which had been previously scheduled but has been postponed), Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, or Bologna.

According to the statistics from their bookings, each of them had more than 40,000 passengers in 2019. Could it employ this kind to delink Lyon from Marseille, therefore providing nonstop service to Lyon as well?

The A220 routes that are the longest in the world

The distance between Dakar and Barcelona, which is 2,164 miles (3,483 kilometers), is one of the A220’s longer airport pairs, although it is by no means the longest. According to OAG, the best flight is operated by Air Austral and it departs from Saint-Denis and arrives in Chennai. Take note of the Breeze flight from Providence to Los Angeles that is scheduled to depart on June 29.

The distance between Saint-Denis (Réunion) and Chennai, India, that Air Austral traverses is 2,870 miles (4,618 kilometers).
By airBaltic, the distance from Riga to Tenerife South is 2,803 miles (4,511 kilometers).
By airBaltic, the distance from Riga to Dubai is 2,684 miles (4,320 kilometers).

From Boston to San José, California, a distance of 2,689 miles (4,327 kilometers) is covered by JetBlue.

The distance from Boston to Sacramento that JetBlue travels is 2,636 miles (4,242 kilometers).
From Providence to Los Angeles, Breeze traverses a total distance of 2,592 miles (4,172 kilometers).
Between Montréal to San Francisco, the distance covered by Air Canada is 2,539 miles (4,086 kilometers).

By flying with JetBlue, the distance from Boston to Portland (Oregon) is 2,537 miles (4,083 kilometers).
Air Canada flies 2,521 miles (4,057 kilometers) from Montréal to San José, Costa Rica.

Air Canada flies 2,473 miles (3,980 kilometers) from Montréal to Puerto Vallarta.

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