Air China Accident India Now Monitors Boeing 737s

Indian authorities have put its whole fleet of Boeing 737s under “increased monitoring” after the accident of one of the aircraft types in China. The Indian aviation authority has said that teams have been sent “to monitor flying protocols, airworthiness, and operational processes.”

After a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 plane crashed in southern China, prompting the reaction, according to the BBC, the Chinese government retaliated. Rescue crews are on the scene, but it is not yet clear what triggered the catastrophe on Monday morning.

As a result of the incident, China Eastern Airlines was forced to halt all of its Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which were traveling between Kunming and Guangzho. “Flight safety is a significant matter, and we are actively monitoring the issue,” said Arun Kumar, director general of the Indian Directorate General of Civil Association.

The company said it is concentrating on “improving monitoring of our 737 fleet” in the meantime. SpiceJet, Vistara, and Air India Express are all Indian airlines that operate Boeing 737 aircraft in their fleets.

“We have maintained close contact with our customer and regulatory authorities since the accident, and we have provided the full cooperation of our technical specialists to the inquiry being conducted by the Civil Aviation Administration of China,” stated Boeing CEO David Calhoun.

“Everything we can to help our customer and the accident inquiry at this terrible time, led by our commitment to safety, openness, and honesty at every stage,” he said. “We are committed to safety, transparency, and integrity at every step.”

According to aviation analytics company Cirium, there are 4,208 Boeing 737-800 passenger planes in operation, with more than a quarter of them based in China, making them the most widely used aircraft in the world.

In the aftermath of two deadly incidents involving its new generation 737 Max aircraft, in which 346 passengers and crew members died, Boeing has been striving to rebuild its reputation.

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