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Air Canada Congratulates The Government’s Decision

For the first time, Air Canada has expressed support for the national government’s plan to eliminate pre-departure testing requirements for fully vaccinated travelers entering the country as of April 1.

‘The federal government’s statement is fantastic news for the whole travel and tourism sector, which is a significant contributor to the Canadian economy.

Air Canada’s vice-president of government and community relations, David Rheault, said, “People are eager to travel and reconnect with their loved ones, and the end of pre-departure testing will provide travellers with more certainty, allowing them to plan their next trip with greater confidence and without the worry of incurring additional costs.”

“Canada has now joined the ranks of other nations across the globe in reopening its borders, and we are looking forward to the summer traveling season.” Air Canada went on to say that its own recovery is continuing apace and is well started.

As a result of the airline’s expansion of its domestic and transborder routes, as well as its international routes to Europe and the South Pacific, consumers will have by far the broadest variety of routings and destinations available this summer of any Canadian carrier.

Air Canada will launch new service on four transborder and three domestic routes, reinstating 41 North American lines in the process. The airline will serve 51 Canadian airports and 46 U.S. airports in total.

For international flights, the airline is relaunching 33 connections to renowned locations such as Barcelona; Copenhagen; Madrid; Milan; and Venice. The airline is also relaunching routes to areas such as Africa; and the Middle East.

Air Canada is also increasing its South Pacific network with the reintroduction of daily service to Sydney, as well as the reinstatement of flights to both Brisbane and Auckland, among other destinations.

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